Organic Lawn Care: The Environmentally Responsible Choice

When you own a home, it explicitly demands that you keep it attractive. In the long run, your home’s simplicity and attractiveness will determine how much you will enjoy being the resident. The efforts you put in place as the homeowner in lawn care will help you assess the expected results.

It comes with a lot of pleasure when you learn how to care for grass and tend the flower along the paths or the fence. As the homeowner, it can be hectic when you decide to work on landscaping yourself. When you consider the skills and expertise of an organic lawn service or contractor, getting the best results becomes possible. When in doubt, professional organic lawn service is the best way to go.

If you would like to have a naturally healthy lawn, the good news is that there are environmentally responsible lawn care services available. These organic lawn care specialists don’t use pesticides or any other chemicals that can potentially poison the environment and destroy wildlife.

Throughout the United States, Americans are using approximately 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides on their lawns. Interesting to note is that this is 10 times more than is being used on the nation’s farmlands.

Since 40% to 60% of the nitrogen contained within fertilizer either runs off or leaches away, it seeps into both ground and surface water. When there is a well present, the nitrogen can also seep into and contaminate its water.

In the United States, there are 60 to 70 million birds that die every year as a result of pesticide poisoning. Furthermore, the earthworms that many of these birds consume are also adversely affected by both fungicides and pesticides.

According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s “Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies,” 60% to 90% of earthworms can die as a result of being exposed to fungicides and pesticides. In some instances, these chemicals may even kill more worms, potentially eliminating an important food source for birds.

Since you’re concerned about being environmentally-conscious, using organic lawn care services does make a significant contribution to this important cause. Were you also aware that putting in turfgrass, rather than traditional lawns, can assist with pollution control?

Turfgrass is known to trap environmental dust and dirt, thus preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, on an annual basis, turfgrass is able to trap approximately 12 million tons of this type of debris.

Another benefit of having turfgrass installed is that when your landscaping is also well-designed and maintained, your home’s property value can be increased. Recent figures show that this can be as much as 15% to 20%, which is a notable return on your investment. Furthermore, turfgrass can also handle heavy-traffic, so it can be used in areas where children play.

When you have a dense, healthy lawn it can also prevent run-off. This is because healthy lawns are able to effectively absorb rainfall. If you’re concerned about your lawn’s health, it’s important to note that when you allow your grass to grow between 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches, its health will usually improve.

Depending on the weather conditions where you live, you may need or choose to water your lawn more often during the summer. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s presentation on sustainable landscaping reported that 30% to 60% of water consumption occurs during these months. If you’re planning to have turfgrass installed, be sure to discuss how often it should be watered with your lawn care service.

If you’re concerned about your soil’s nutrients, an organic lawn care specialist will be able to test its pH levels. If the pH is between 6.5 and 7.0, it is probably fine; however, your lawn care specialist will be able to determine if the soil would benefit from additional nutrients.

When you are looking for lawn care services, remember that using organic products will make a difference in the health of your yard. If you also have a garden or other types of greenery, these, too, will be healthier when pesticides and herbicides aren’t present in the environment.

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