Modern Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for modern kitchen decorating ideas? From cabinets and stylish light fixtures to backsplashes, granite furniture, and luxury vinyl flooring, there are lots of modern kitchen decorating ideas that can breathe life into your kitchen. These ideas can serve as great inspiration if you are looking for new kitchen layouts to create a more livable space. Here are some modern kitchen decorating ideas that you might be interested in. Incorporating a few of these will instantly transform your kitchen and make you fall in love with it all over again.

Stylish Light Fixtures

Beyond cabinets and countertops, choosing the right light fixtures is one of the best modern kitchen decorating ideas to give your space a modern and sleek look. For instance, instead of going for regular old bulbs, you can consider installing a ceiling-mounted fixture with a woven rattan shade. This will take your kitchen from regular to bold, and it also adds texture and emphasis to where the light will be focused. By including some interesting light fixtures, your can improve your kitchen’s distinctiveness and sophistication. Lighting also serves a functional purpose in the kitchen.

Knowing how to choose the right lighting is an important step in room decor. When dealing with the kitchen, you need to keep in mind that cooking and dining preparations won’t be so interesting without adequate lighting. When you are decorating, you need to ensure that areas of the kitchen like counters, the range, sink, and cooktop are well lit. You can use task lighting for these areas. You can also throw in some kitchen island lighting ideas, like pendant lights. These can work as task lighting when you are preparing food. Once the cooking is over, they can also function as ambient lighting for the area. You might want to go for pendant lights that are easily dimmable.

Open Shelving

Design is all about combining the old and modern kitchen decorating ideas to come up with a space that’s not too predictable. Most kitchens have lower and upper kitchen cabinet styles, which is good for functionality. To create something different, you can trade your top cabinets for some open shelving. This helps foster an airy feel in your kitchen. Once you get your shelves, you’ll also want to avoid cluttering up your shelves with too many items. A good idea would be to incorporate a few pieces of nice dishware with accessories like wooden cutting boards, small vases, and even framed art.

One of the advantages of open shelving is that, unlike kitchen cabinetry, it doesn’t cover up attractive wall treatments. You will be able to show off your paint, tiles, and other wall coverings. Apart from that, cabinets also conceal everything stored in them. With open shelves, everything displayed can be seen. This will provide an incentive to keep everything neat and organized. You will also find that open shelves can add a charm that regular cabinetry sometimes lacks. You can throw in a lot of decorations to make your kitchen look warm and welcoming. 

Throw in an Area Rug

If you are looking to inject a happy dose of color and pattern into your kitchen, a rug is a great way to achieve your goal without taking up any counter space. This is a brilliant addition to your modern kitchen decorating ideas. There are many kitchen rugs to choose from, and you can get one to fill open floor space in the middle of your kitchen. You can also place another one along the kitchen’s main pathway. Kitchens can get boring when you have monochrome cabinetry and steel appliances. Incorporating a pair of rugs into your kitchen design can help you add some illumination and express yourself. For instance, if you have darker cabinets, you can use a lighter-colored rug to brighten up the space. This will help you add character and color to the kitchen as well. 

To establish a pattern with rugs, you can choose a color that’s already in your space. However, instead of picking a plain colored rug, you can go for one with a graphic design. If your aim is to add a bit of color, you should consider picking a rug that fits the tone exactly. On the other hand, you can also achieve a bolder look with one that offers a contrast. This is a great way to pull the space in a different direction. 

Add Colorful Kitchen Accessories

Like any other room in your home, the kitchen can benefit a lot by adding a few accessories. Accessories should be up there on the list of modern kitchen decorating ideas. However, you should avoid picking accessories randomly. Instead, you should learn how to incorporate colorful accessories that complement each other and the rest of the items in the room. This simple idea can help you create a kitchen that you love. You can use kitchen accessories to repeat colors and finishes you’d have already used somewhere else in the room. For instance, matching the warm brass of your cabinet’s hardware and the kitchen faucet.

Some kitchen accessories can help you inject a hint of retro style into your kitchen. For instance, you can get a manual coffee grinder to place somewhere on the counter. It’s these small but thoughtful pieces that can change the way your kitchen looks. While it might start out as a purely decorative piece, you can end up enjoying grinding your own coffee by hand at home.

Add Pattern to Your Kitchen With Wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper is making a huge comeback, and you will find wallpaper on almost all lists of modern kitchen decorating ideas. While you can pick from numerous modern designs, those with the greatest impact have a heritage appeal. When using wallpaper to decorate your kitchen, one of the things you need to ensure is that the design you choose is moisture-resistant. You can also find ways to give the wallpaper you have set your heart on moisture-resistance properties. Once you have figured that out, nothing will stop you from changing your kitchen space from plain to personalized. 

Installing wallpaper is one of the best ways to color, texture, and the latest trends in your kitchen. The good thing about it is that you can easily replace wallpaper, which you can’t do with tiles/cupboard fronts and splashbacks. However, most people are concerned about the longevity of wallpaper in the kitchen. When installing wallpaper in your kitchen, take time to find paper with a vinyl finish. This is a great barrier against moisture, and it can make your wallpaper strong and durable. When applied properly, kitchen wallpaper with a vinyl finish can last for years. Apart from the finish, it’s also important to ensure that whatever option you go with is washable. Any wallpaper option that is ‘extra washable’ or ‘scrubbable’ will be a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Install a Stunning Backsplash

When decorating your kitchen, you will find that even a tiny portion of an eye-catching backsplash can add some serious drama and personality. There are lots of kitchen backsplash ideas to choose from. The right backsplash choice can make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. To create a unique look, you should go for unexpected materials like timber. This can be incredibly practical. However, you need to remember to properly seal timber when using it in the kitchen. If you are using open shelving, you can use a carefully selected backsplash design to line your topmost open shelf. 

With the right color combination, this will enable you to create a warm, cohesive look that’s perfect for transforming something sleek and contemporary into a more inviting space. Along with effortless maintenance, a backsplash is one of the greatest and easiest ways to modernize your kitchen. Backsplashes are available in different types of materials, patterns, and colors. Regardless of the look you want to achieve; you will be able to find the perfect backsplash for your kitchen. Some of the most popular options include antique wood, ceramic tile, quartzite sandstone, and embossed concrete. When it comes to how to distribute the backsplash, there are two options. You can either wrap the backsplash around your entire kitchen, or you can place it in a number of select sections. 

Find the Best Kitchen Flooring

The floors in your kitchen have a big job to do. They handle all the foot traffic and shrug off spills and stains. Apart from being practical and durable, your floors also stand as a major design statement as well. The floor type you have will affect every other design element in your kitchen. Fortunately, there are lots of materials, colors, and textures that you can choose from today. In fact, your choices are nothing short of endless. When picking kitchen floors, you must choose a floor that reflects your style sense and compliments your existing theme. You can either go with its rustic, country-style, cutting-edge contemporary, or any other scheme of your choosing.

When choosing a floor type, you must also consider the size of your kitchen. This will help you decide what design to go with. For instance, if there is a large surface underfoot, you can decide to use it as a neutral backdrop. You can also turn your floor into a vivid focal point. For durability and a range of visual effects, floor tiles are one of the best choices. They come in a range of manmade and natural materials, and they also have different finishes. You can get an interior designer to help you make a good choice. They will assess the other elements in your kitchen and determine what kind of floor works well with what you have going on.

Choose Paint Colors For a Statement Kitchen

There are lots of modern kitchen design trends that you can throw into your own kitchen, but when it comes to painting the kitchen, it’s best to pick a color that you love. You can also get help from a designer. Whether you love no-fail neutral tones or prefer to take a risk with bold hues, there are plenty of stylish kitchen paints to try.

From gorgeous shades of blue to timeless combinations like black and white, you need to take your time to choose the right color scheme so you can make your kitchen shine. Any paint or color that you choose should make your kitchen feel welcoming. If you’re with your kids, you can also consider throwing in a pop of color like a sunny yellow. Another thing to keep in mind when picking a color for your kitchen is how the cabinet colors and the walls will blend with the rest of the space. They should match well with everything, from the kitchen island to the floor and your lighting as well. When it comes to what you can do with your kitchen colors, the options are truly endless. 

The kitchen is not difficult to decorate if you put your mind to it. With a few thoughtful elements and modern kitchen decorating ideas, you can get the kitchen of your dreams. Once you are done decorating, ensure that you keep your kitchen clean and well maintained so your investment can last long. If you are looking to make some major changes, like moving a wall or extending your kitchen, it’s advisable to work with a luxury home builder. To get the best result, you should work with professionals whenever you can. For instance, if you need to paint one side of your wall, take the time to find a custom interior painter. That way, you can get the most out of your paint job. That goes for hot water heater repairs and cleaning services and drain cleaning companies. Working professional plumbers will ensure that a nicely decorated kitchen has running water and proper drainage.


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