Making Pottery is a Useful Art

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When you take a piece of clay and form it into a usable shape, then heat it in a hot kiln to dry the clay out and add pottery glazes to it, you end up with clay object strong enough to keep its shape so it can be used for different things. One example would be the clay pots that we all use for flowerpots these days. Of course, the art of pottery was discovered long ago and before the creation of the modern day kiln, potters used to heat their objects in a fire pit, which was not anywhere near as hot as a kiln can get.

Some pieces of ancient pottery have sustained the ravages of the ages and archaeologists have found evidences of early pottery making in their digs. Evidence found, traces the making of porcelain back to the Tang Dynasty sometime during 618 and 906 CE. The first use of glazed stoneware traces back to the 15th century China, BCE. This is when they first used pottery glazes and kilns too.

In the world of pottery, there are three types. The first is earthenware with its rough hewn look. The next type is stoneware, a somewhat smoother finished product that we use for dishes. The third type is porcelain, which is where we get our fine china. Pottery supplies, pottery wheels, pottery clay and pottery equipment are all readily available online. Novices who are new to pottery making can also find helpful instructions on websites where they sell pottery supplies today. Find out more about pottery glazes and how to apply pottery glazes by searching this subject online.

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