Making Buildings That Can Endure Hurricane Winds

It is a simple fact that most aspects of the natural world are out of human control, especially storms and natural disasters that may damage property and threaten lives. While levees and canals may help reduce the impact of flooding, many storms and disasters such a tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, simply cannot be prevented or redirected. The good news, however, is that meteorologists are always hard at work studying these events so that evacuation efforts can be more effective. Not only that, but buildings can be constructed so that they more easily resist strong winds, windblown debris, flooding, and even earthquakes. Along California’s San Andreas fault, for example, structures have specialized foundations and inner support frames to resist the movement of earthquakes.

Meanwhile, along the east coast and in the Caribbean, buildings are constructed with hurricanes in mind, and this includes not only anti-flood measures but also hurricane sliding glass doors, hurricane glass windows, and other advanced glass door systems with storms in mind. These hurricane sliding glass doors and high impact windows have glass made of specialized glaze that can resist strong winds and the trauma of being struck by windblown debris, which is essential for reducing property damage during a hurricane. Sliding glass door manufacturers in Florida and Texas may sometimes specialize in making hurricane sliding glass doors, and contractors may often place orders for those hurricane sliding glass doors and high impact windows.

The Power of Hurricanes

Even smaller hurricanes are powerful and may bring rain, winds, and flooding that can devastate a city or town. Historically, some 158 different hurricanes struck the United States, with Florida getting more than any other state, at 57. Texas received 26 different tornadoes, mainly along its coast with the Gulf of Mexico. And recent trends and statistics show that now, in the 21st century, hurricanes are becoming even more powerful and frequent, possibly due to the effects of climate change. The year 2017, for example, had ample evidence of these storms’ bolstered power. In that year, 10 different storms in a row developed into full-fledged hurricanes, which had not happened since 1893.

Meanwhile, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded formed in that year, Hurricane Irma. This mammoth storm, a Category 5 hurricane, boasted winds speeds around 185 MPH for 37 straight hours, and this storm had a staggering seven trillion watts of energy. Hurricane Irma devastated Barbuda, destroying 90% of the buildings there and leaving 60% of the population homeless. It is possible that a storm of this caliber may happen again, and modern American contractors want to be ready. This is where hurricane sliding glass doors and windows are useful, to help prevent property damage.

Preparing for the Storm

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to prevent or divert a hurricane, and certainly no way to relocate a city’s buildings to escape the storm. But modern meteorology makes it easier to accurately predict the timing and location of these storms, and modern contractors are making buildings more resistant to hurricanes than ever. This involves not only anti-flood measures such as levees, but also window and sliding glass doors with special glazes on them. A commercial building’s windows and glass doors are weak points during a hurricane, as ordinary glass may be blasted apart and wind and rain may damage the interior. But contractors can’t simply omit windows when constructing a building, so hurricane-proof windows and glass doors will endure a storm’s winds and windblown debris, to protect the interior from property damage.

Such glass is made with an impact-resistant glaze system rated +105/-130, so that winds stronger than 100 MPH will not shatter them, and flying debris will simply bounce right off these windows and glass doors. Many new buildings in Florida such as hotels, condos, and office buildings may be constructed with such glass, so they are hurricane-proof from the start. Contractors there will often turn to local suppliers and manufacturers to get such window and door supplies. And when a business professional buys an older building, they should have the windows inspected. Old or worn out windows and sliding glass doors can be replaced with cutting-edge models of hurricane-proof windows and glass doors, to keep everything safe during a hurricane.

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