Make A Moving Out Check list To Simplify Your Move

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Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. Making a moving out check list can help you to make sure you don’t lose anything, including your mind.

The first item on your moving out check list is to get rid of anything you don’t need. Go into every room in your house, open every drawer and every cupboard and take a look at everything you own. If you find something you haven’t seen in months or years, you probably didn’t miss it and don’t need it. Clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time or books you don’t plan on reading again can get really heavy and make your moving experience more miserable than it needs to be. Once you’ve collected up everything you can do without, have a yard sale and make some money off of it or take it to a thrift store to get a tax break.

The next thing on your moving checklist is to start boxing things up. This is definitely not an immediate process, so it’s best to start with items that you don’t use very often, such as out of season clothes. You’ll want to wait to pack up the things you use most until last since you’ll still need them. Putting your toothbrush and favorite shirt in the first box won’t make your moving experience any better. Another great thing to do is number your boxes and make a master list of what’s inside along with you moving out check list. This will make unpacking much easier and reduce your need to wrestle with boxes. Be sure to clearly mark anything fragile to avoid mishaps, and keep a bag of essential items set aside.

Next up on your moving out check list is to hire some movers. Movers really make the moving process easier because they’re used to heavy lifting, they have the truck and have experience packing it efficiently. They can make quick work of piles of boxes and hard to manage pieces of furniture. You may save a little money by getting your own truck and doing it yourself, but the time, energy, and sanity you’ll save by hiring movers make it well worth it.

Now that the truck is packed and your old living space is empty, the next thing on your moving list is to move! Once you make it to your new place, you can use your master list of boxes on your moving out check list to easily determine where everything needs to go.
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