Looking for a Prefab Studio? Consider the Saltbox Style

Whether you’re looking for backyard space to create a sanctuary away from the rest of your house, to create a work studio, or an alternate location to run your mall business, you can save yourself time and money by utilizing prefab studio kits. These quaint studio kits offer you the opportunity to get a cozy, beautiful space up and running, saving yourself time and money in construction. If you’re a fan of quaint building, consider saltbox prefab studio kits. This building style, which traces its roots back to traditional New England homes, can offer a quaint, rustic touch to your back yard.

What is Saltbox Style?

A Saltbox house is a traditional New-England style wood house that’s characterized by its unique long sloped roof on the back side. It got the name Saltbox because of its resemblance to old colonial saltboxes, which were a staple of the colonial kitchen. The boxes contained a steep-sloped side in order to allow families easy access to scoop the salt from their stores. Translated to the studio, the Saltbox is characterized by a long, sloping roof on one side, and a shorter, shallower roof on the other side.

A Brief History of the Saltbox House

The Saltbox style of homes became popular because they were an easy way to add on to traditional I-frame houses. Additionally, their unique sloped shape helped keep homes warm during the cold New England winter. The sloped roofs were designed with brutal winds in mind: as the winds came, they would travel up and over the house, shielding the shorter side and allowing for greater warmth and comfort. As time passed and traditional heating and cooling methods gave way to modern systems, the Saltbox style became a stand-in for colonial-era quaintness and coziness.

Your Backyard Studio

If you’re looking into an affordable backyard studio, a prefab studio kit can be the best way to find an option that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or affordability. Saltbox prefab studio kits offer the comfort and quaintness of old saltbox homes. The vaulted roof offers plenty of natural light, and the flat front can allow prefab kit manufacturers to add double windows to the front, which can make for even more light. The split in the roof, a gesture toward the traditional Saltbox design, can provide a touch of architectural drama for the design-lover as well. Manufacturers of these studios build their prefab kits with energy efficiency at the forefront, which will help make sure that the addition of this workspace doesn’t send your energy bill through the roof.

If you want to incorporate some old New England charm to your backyard studio, Saltbox prefab studio kits be the right option for you. With its tasteful blend of quaintness and drama, it will give you a beautiful, affordable, and energy efficient space for either work or play.

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