Learn How to Remove Bats From Your House

Learn How to Remove Bats From Your House

Despite their sinister reputation, bats are beneficial creatures. They help eat pesky insects and pollinate flowers and food crops. Many bat species are also endangered. Gold Miner Pest Control shows you how to remove live bats from your home.

It’s best not to try and remove the bats physically by yourself.

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You could get bitten and you could kill the bat. It’s best to call a pest control company experienced in bat removal and in making sure bats do not return to your home. Check out the website of Bat Conservation International for a list of pest control companies that do not kill bats.

Bats enter a hibernation-like state called torpor during the winter. Evicting the bats now will kill them. Wait for warmer weather for bat removal.

The pest control company finds where the bats are getting into your home and where they are roosting. The company can also place one-way valves in the entrance holes so that when bats leave, they cannot return. After waiting a couple of weeks, more work can be done. The pest control company can place copper wire mesh to block all of the entrance holes wide enough for bats to get in.

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