Landscaping Investments Help Add to the Value of a Home

In many parts of the country lawn care is a really big deal. In some neighborhoods, in fact, how well a home owner takes care of his or her yard can serve as both a source of pride as well as an attribute that can make your home worth more money. From small yards to large acreages, yard care is a task that can be both time consuming and rewarding. If realtors had their way, in fact, they would make sure that most of their selling clients took the time to update their landscaping and make sure that yard care is in top order before a property is ever listed.

In certain parts of the country lawn care has taken on a whole new look as more and more cities are placing limitations on being able to water yards. As a result, what used to be referred to as landscaping is more frequently called hard scaping in the parts of the country where it is agains the law to water yards. Even these spaces, however, can be both attractive and functional. With the use of plants that do not require much water and with carefully places rocks and stones, these no water yards can still look very well maintained and often colorful.
In the parts of the country where lawn watering is still allowed, many home owners will spend hours a week, and lots of water, to make sure that their home is looking great. By following the best lawn care techniques for any region, for instance, many neighborhoods are already full of lush green lawns on this first full week of May.

Experienced Landscapers Provide Necessary Guidance to Help Home Owners Create Beautiful Yards
One of the reasons that home owners spend so much time and money on beautiful landscaping is that it can speed up a building’s sale by as much as six weeks. When choosing between two homes that are otherwise pretty similar, for instance, a buyer is likely to select the house that has the well kept yard, versus one that is not. This also means that investing in landscaping before you get ready to sell can be a very good decision. In fact, a recent issue of Money Magazine indicated that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100% to 200% at selling time.

In addition to adding beauty, the right kind of landscaping can also help the environment and save on energy costs. For instance, trees can reduce an unshaded home’s summer air-conditioning bills by as much as 15% to 50%. Also, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50% and can mask unwanted noises with the more pleasant sounds of birds and other wildlife.

Have you fallen victim to Spring Fever? If so, you might decide to spend part of this next upcoming weekend to make sure that your landscaping is adding to both the beauty and the value of your property.

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