Improve your home with a copper vessel sink!

Copper vessel sinks

For thousands of years, people have been using copper for everything from plumbing and sinks, to pots and pans. It is hygienic and resists corrosion, making it a perfect choice cook and transport water with. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity but is too prone to corrosion to be practical. Gold is also a great conductor but is far too expensive for widespread use in common electrical wiring. Copper, however is far less expensive and is still an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. So good in fact that it is by far the most prevalent metal used in wiring, heating and cooling.

The element copper has the atomic number 29 and the symbol Cu from the latin cuprum. Generally, objects made entirely of copper are too soft and pliable to be practical, they simply cannot stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Copper vessel sinks for instance that are made out of copper entirely would be easily dented by say, dropping a glass that slipped from your hand. It took mankind four thousand years after the discovery of copper smelting to alloy ton and copper to form bronze. Amazingly there are Egyptian artifacts that date back to 3000 BC that are made of copper and bronze alloys.

Copper vessel sinks are a less common usage of this age old material and deserve their due. Copper sinks have been used in certain places to great effect, uniquely beautifying a kitchen or bathroom. A copper farmhouse sink is an elegant and rustic touch that brings color and warmth to its environment.

If you are looking for copper vessel sinks you can check out the websites of the larger hardware stores, they often have one or two to choose from. This will often be a less expensive way of finding copper vessel sinks. If you want custom copper vessel sinks that are not mass produced, check out a business that specializes in making unique, often handmade metalwork. There are even businesses that focus entirely on kitchen and bath and have a wide variety of copper vessel sinks to choose from, or you can even commission them to create custom fixtures for you to exactly fit your needs.

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