How You Can Keep The Bugs Away From Your Pool During The Summer

When it comes to enjoying the nice weather and the heat of summer, there’s nothing people love to do more than hit the pool. If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard pool of your own, it can be so relaxing to cool off from the heat of the day and take a dip.

While a pool can provide infinite amounts of fun during the summer, what’s not fun is dealing with all the insects that may try to join you as you’re swimming. Recent figures indicate that there are 200 million insects for every human on the planet and more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes. Any way you add it up, that’s a lot of bugs to deal with.

So what can you do? The simple answer is installing some kind of screening. For your pool, that might mean a pool cage screen. For your patio, that might mean some patio screen mesh. Bottom line: adding some kind of screening is a good way to keep the bugs away.

But what kind of screen should you get? If you’re never had a pool cage screen or any other type of screening before, you might be shocked to learn there’s more than one type of screen available. Not only are there screens made of many different materials, but there are screens for different uses available. Looking for a pool cage screen that’s going to keep the bugs away? There’s a screen for that. Looking to reduce sunlight exposure? There’s a screen for that too.

One of the most common screens that homeowners use is an 18 by 14 screen mesh, which simply means a square inch in the screen is 18 rectangular openings wide by 14 openings tall. The stark truth is that most bugs can fit through an 18 by 14 screen. That means your typical pool cage screen is going to keep out large objects and insects, but you’re probably still going to be dealing smaller pests. A simple solution is to instead get a 20 by 20 screen, which is woven tighter.

If you’re already in your forever home and you’re looking for something that’s a better value and longer lasting, polyester screening is the way to go. Most polyester screening is under a 10-year warranty and has a long life expectancy. That means when you put up a polyester pool cage screen, it’s not only going to keep the bugs away, it’s also going to last a long time. Polyester has better strength and doesn’t tear as easily, so it will hold up well against insects and the elements.

There are other types of screens and screen mesh material you can choose from, but for whichever one you end up, make sure that it’s going to work for you. When you’re enjoying your backyard pool with your family, you want to make the most of your time and enjoy it rather than spending all of it swatting at bugs and other pests.

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