How You Can Be Energy-Efficient With Exterior Dutch Doors

Do you feel a sense of dread before you open your monthly utility bill? Groan every time you see the total at the bottom of the page? Energy-efficient entry doors and windows will lower your energy costs, so you don’t have to hate going to get your mail. It’s much easier to walk to the mailbox when you walk through energy-efficient exterior Dutch doors!

Why You Need New Entry Doors

Experts estimate that heat loss and heat gain through windows and doors can account for up to 30 percent of all energy use. That is literally money that homeowners are throwing away. A quarter of your utility bill payment may be leaking right out your windows and entryways, and that’s why you want to think about new entry doors.

Exterior Dutch doors add beauty and charm to any front door. Installation isn’t difficult, and the look of exterior Dutch doors is unique. You’ll be adding lots of curb appeal to your home, and these entry doors can seal and be just as energy-efficient as another type of model. If you’re going to get new doors, get doors that will add more value and appeal to your home.

The most distinctive feature of a Dutch door is the way it splits in two horizontally. This means the top of the bottom half of the doors may be opened independently. This can be useful when greeting people at the door to receive deliveries. You won’t have to completely open your entry doors to every stranger who comes to your home. Meanwhile, you’ll save on your energy bill because you have new front doors designed for energy efficiency. Upgrading the doors and windows in your home probably isn’t as expensive as you think, especially when you factor in all the money you’re going to save on utility bills.

Better Indoor-Outdoor Living

Air leaks cause you to lose hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars a year. Window replacement not only increases your home value and lowers your energy cost, but it can also improve your indoor-outdoor living spaces. Newer windows are much nicer to look at, and you can always choose a design that matches your existing outside decor.

How Much Does Window Replacement and New Doors Cost?

The average cost for remodeling a home with multiple rooms is $41,892. Now, calculate how much money you’re going to lose through high energy bills over 5 years, and you’ll see how this expense pays for itself very quickly. Your new windows and doors will last for many, many years to come, and they will continue to keep your utility bills low.

In fact, a “Regret Factor” study showed that more than one-third of homeowners wished they had spent even more on their home improvement projects. Window replacement has an average return-to-investment rate of about 70 percent. In other words, the cost of new front doors and a window upgrade is well worth it.

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