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Guide to buying furniture

When you hear the word, davenport, what comes to mind? Here is a hint: if you ask your grandparents, they might tell you it’s something they take a nap on. If you guess sofa, you’re correct (if you said, couch, you’re still right, but most English-speaking nations refer to it as sofa .

Just like the names we give our furniture, early American furniture styles and English furniture styles have greatly evolved over time. The furniture of the Middles Ages, for example, was ridiculously heavy (made of oak) and lavishly ornamented with carvings. Conversely, the furniture of the mid-20th Century were marked by clean, simple lines that evoked an open feeling.

Regardless of your aesthetic preference toward types of furniture styles, furniture is most often the third most expensive investment you will ever make (after a home and a car). So if you find yourself shelling out for frugal or fancy furniture, here is your guide to buying furniture when perusing your local furniture stores.

  • What Types of Furniture Styles Do You Prefer?
  • Furniture has always been representative of the era in which it was conceived, designed, and fabricated. Rococo, for example, is characterized by ornate (some might say garish) accents, and came into existence as a stark contrast to the religious undertones of its predecessor, Baroque. Similarly, Art Deco, which manifested in the early 20th century, is the consummation of traditional furniture and the sterile connotation of industrialization.

    It is important to identify your tastes and preferences, because whether you like to combine types of furniture styles or stick to one decor, do your research and find furniture stores (brick and mortar or online) that cater to your aesthetic.

  • What to Look for When Buying Furniture
  • Okay, so you’ve decided on the types of furniture styles that you like. However, whether you’re a fan of traditional furniture styles or contemporary, there is one thing to always remember: consider your lifestyle, and avoid, at all costs, furniture that glues together.

    It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with four rambunctious teenagers; the smarter economical choice when it comes to purchasing furniture is that if you spend a little more now, you’ll save a lot more later. Many retailers offer inexpensive furniture that looks pretty but you have to assemble the pieces yourself. Trust me, this furniture will last you two, maybe three years tops. Make an investment and thank me later.

  • Don’t Scoff at Used, and Always Haggle
  • Many people hear the words, used furniture and instantly thumb their nose at it. Don’t be so quick to do this! A lot of used furniture (especially in the case of estate sales or merging households) require sellers to get rid of perfectly fine and beautiful furniture.

    That being said, if you opt for new furniture, never forget the golden rule of furniture buying: haggle and be willing to walk away. The markup of new furniture is huge, and even if the retailer isn’t willing to knock off 10-20%, they may be willing to throw in a free ottoman!

Ideally you’re going to be living with your new investment for years to come, so be sure you like what you’re looking at, it will last, and it won’t break the bank. If there are any furniture buying tips I neglected to mention, please share your thoughts below!

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