How to Keep a Private Well Maintained

How to Keep a Private Well Maintained

In this YouTube video, Cayla Schluter, a Realtor, looks at different components of well maintenance. Private wells require regular maintenance to function well and last longer.

Some places have well codes in their statutes, with some counties and local cities being stricter with their well maintenance requirements than at the state level. Always check these to stay in compliance.

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The most crucial factor in well maintenance is where in the state the well is located. The location determines how often specialized maintenance needs are done.

As the water passes through rock, silt, clay, and gravel deposits, harmful viruses and bacteria should be removed. In places where this is true, a filter, purification, and water treatment system will need to be added to the well, and those components will have different maintenance needs. These systems can be expensive.

Modern wells are easy to maintain. Protect the wellhead from damage and observe the proper setbacks. When landscaping, make sure the wellhead stays at least 12 inches above the ground and make sure the soil slopes away from the wellhead on all sides. Keep vegetation with deep roots away from it. Keep harmful chemicals away from it. Watch for low water pressure and replace any other parts with a qualified well repair professional.

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