How to Find an Aesthetic for Your Home

How to Find an Aesthetic for Your Home

Choosing an interior style for your home can be overwhelming without inspiration. However, creating a dream home aesthetic is a gradual process that you should embrace and be ready to learn. Here are ten tips to help you get started.

Start With Things That Interest You

What things would you like to include in your home? What makes you happy and you wouldn’t want to miss your house? Everyone has different preferences regarding interior house items, so you should identify yours first.

One significant step to creating your dream house aesthetic would be finding items related to your spiritual values, mysticism, and magic. These items could include candles, angel cards, crystals, jewelry, pendulums, drinking horns, books, and other metaphysical products.

Small items in your home are affordable, and they can be a starting point for planning your home aesthetic. They can also be a valuable resource to your spiritual life and well-being, giving you the satisfaction you need.

So, write everything you would include in your home, and start shopping. Decorate your walls and corridors with things that are meaningful to your world.

Start Small

You don’t have to break the bank in creating your dream home aesthetic, as you can start small. First, determine how much you have and create a small list of the things you will begin with. After completing your list, visit your nearest interior store, or check online for the actual costs of the items you want. Compare processes to get the most affordable ones.

You should be creative when determining the items to add to your house to improve its aesthetics. For instance, if you like flowers, you might need to talk with the best florists in your place for advice on what colors would match the other aspects of décor and the pricing. Other minor elements like wall clocks, furniture, decorating mirrors, and indoor plants could also be incredible home additions. You may also plan to paint your walls the color you choose as you plan on the significant changes to make.

Instead of focusing on the whole house, you can start adding a modern aesthetic to your kitchen first, living room, corridor or bedroom. Starting small helps get a clear picture of your house’s appearance if you make significant changes. If you are not impressed by the slight changes, you can affordably create another change.

Try the Outdoors First

Are you overwhelmed with where to start in creating your dream home aesthetic? You can focus on the outdoors first and then work on the interior space once you are satisfied with the outdoors. After all, a few landscape upgrades can significantly refine your property’s aesthetics. For the best results, consult landscape designers to help determine the ideal yard upgrades. Here are a few aesthetic upgrades to consider for your landscape:

Create a Porch

An enclosed entrance in your home will provide a perfect hideout in the rainy seasons and an excellent relaxing zone in summer. If you don’t have a porch, create one at the entrance of your main door to make your compound more appealing.

Add Lighting

Lighting enhances the beauty of your house and also improves security at night. You can choose to add LED lights, bistro lights, or just lanterns to add charm to your landscape.

Replace Your Doors and Windows

Replace your entrance door and windows if they show wear and tear or are no longer energy efficient. Modern windows are more energy efficient and can significantly boost the look of your yard if you choose appealing colors.

Beautify Your Driveway

You can make your driveway attractive and the envy of your neighborhood with a few simple tricks. Start with pressure washing it, repair any holes and visible dents, and then upgrade it with concrete or any other material you choose. Decorate and add lighting to it to improve its visual appeal.

Find What’s Important to You

One main challenge of creating your dream home aesthetics is deciding what you want and what is practical. As much as you would like to make many significant changes, what’s important should always come first to maintain the functionality of your home. Here are some things to remember when choosing what’s important while improving your house.

Health and Environmental Concerns

If you plan to rejuvenate your house and are concerned about environmental degradation, you can consider sustainable building design to reduce waste and use less nonrenewable resources. Find a good contractor to give you design options and help you choose the most applicable for your needs and budget.

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps, your primary reason for upgrading and improving your home aesthetics is to be more energy efficient. In that case, consider replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones, sealing your home, using LED lights, and air sealing your home. You may also invest in energy-efficient appliances and electronics.

Home Value

If you intend to sell your home furniture, the most important aspect of improving its aesthetics will be to increase its value. As such, you may repaint the home; upgrade the exterior, and change the old fittings. Know what you want the most about creating your dream home aesthetics to have a solid plan and where to start.

Find a Statement Piece

A statement piece is something that stands out in your home. It could be your furniture, your chandeliers, your coffee table, or something in your gas fireplaces. Do you have a statement piece in your home? If not, you can identify it while creating your dream home aesthetics to save money and improve your house’s impression.

When you have a statement piece, people will focus on it and won’t easily notice the other aspects of your house. Here are a few things to remember when determining your statement piece.


In most cases, large items draw more attention than smaller ones. You can therefore choose a large statement piece, like sofa sets and chandeliers. It should be beautiful to draw much-needed attention to your house.


A vibrant color draws attention and makes your statement piece stand out. Find a good unique color for your statement piece, but make sure it still blends well with the other aspects of your house.


Items with unique shapes draw the most attention and stand out. For instance, if it’s your coffee table, you can have it uniquely designed with great material and curved with a beautiful design to make it stand out.

Look Online For Inspiration

The internet has been a resourceful tool for finding the things we want. A simple search on Google or any other search engine will give you endless ideas and inspiration on design ideas for creating your dream home aesthetics.

Online inspiration sources for home decor are comprehensive, and you may learn more details on setting the event venues décor and designing your own house. Check out these effective online resources that you can check for your dream house décor inspiration:


Online magazines provide many handy tips on what you can include in your house and where to find it in the market easily. The magazines also come with pictures, and most require you to subscribe for timely daily updates.


Pinterest is an incredible source for anyone looking for pictures. The website has plenty of pictures of what you are interested in, and chances are you will find something you can add to your house.

Social Media

Social media platforms are increasingly gaining popularity for good reasons, and you can utilize them to gain interior design inspiration. One best platform is Instagram, where people post inviting home styles. You can copy some of the ideas to your home.

Find a Few Pieces You Like

When creating your dream house aesthetic, you may reach a point and wonder what else you will use for your décor. Luckily, there are many things to include in your home, and you only have to find the most affordable and valuable according to your needs. Here are some suggestions on what you can include in your home’s decor.


Persian rugs have many uses at home, but the most important is to retain warmth once you step on them. Choose the right materials and color for your rug and add it to your home décor.


Books create a beautiful display in your home; you can add them on a shelf or on top of a table. Find the right selection of your books and place them strategically to improve the appeal of your house.


A well-positioned mirror can make your house look bigger and more attractive. For the best results, choose a mirror with a well-crafted frame.


Clocks do not only show us time only, they are also incredible pieces of art when positioned in the right area. Find a good clock and place it on the most visible wall in the house.

Wall Art

Do you like wall prints? If yes, there are plenty of incredible wall art pieces that you can buy and hang to avoid plain walls.

Other great pieces you can buy for your house include candles, vases, photo frames, baskets, and stools. Write the things you like and then start shopping for what you like the most.

Start in One Room

It’s important to consider the needs of individual rooms even as you focus on improving the entire house. Starting with one room is a great option when you have a tight budget and want to focus on one area first. You can also choose this approach when you need perfection because you will easily spot mistakes when working on one area at a time.

You can start with any room which needs the most improvement. If it’s the kitchen, repair or add new kitchen cabinets, sinks, and faucets and get new appliances if possible. If you start with the living room, upgrade your sofa sets, add wall décor, change the carpets and curtains, and add any art décor you like the most.

Look at Local Contractor Portfolios

Your local contractor portfolio could be your source of inspiration if you have no idea where to start and what to include in your house décor. Usually, all general contractors have a portfolio that shows a collection of past work they have done before.

If you are outsourcing the service, your contractor should show you their portfolio so you can make an informed decision before hiring. You may come across helpful ideas on seats, wall art, and chandeliers or even on landscaping which you can use for your dream home aesthetics.

One main benefit of using your contractors’ portfolio is that you will get the exact service you see on the portfolio. This is because the expert who did the work will be the one to attend to your house, meaning the chances of mistakes will be minimal.

However, you can only get the right portfolio from a seasoned contractor. Keep these few things in mind when choosing the right contractor for your dream home aesthetics:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Work Quality
  • Communication
  • On-time delivery

Incorporate Accent Colors

Adding accent color to your house is an excellent way to improve visual appeal and contrast. These colors add contrast to a house, and you can sparingly use them well to create a good visual rhythm. Ideally, an accent color should be what you love most because adding it to your home will be part of your décor. You can use bright colors, but dull ones are the best for creating contrast.

How many accent colors can you add to your house? Three colors are the best, and you should add them using the 60-30-10 rule. The most dominant color should occupy at least 60% of the room, the secondary color 30%, and the least one 10%.

Here are a few ways to add accent colors to your house:

  • Paint an accent wall—painting changes the focal point of your space without adding much interior décor
  • Place throw pillows strategically in your living room—the pillows can be of plain accent color or patterned
  • Add a cozy throw or blanket to your sofa sets
  • Add a drapery of an accent color to your windows
  • Add a colorful art piece to your window

Bottom Line

Transforming your space into your dream home aesthetic is a process that often requires the help of a design expert. If you plan to upgrade your home, get inspiration from experts, and apply the tips above for the best results.

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