How to Build a Wood Fence

How to Build a Wood Fence

In this video you will learn how to build a wooden fence. If you love to have privacy you can build a wooden fence across the house. Fence building is not a tough job; you need to pay a little attention to the minor steps in order to build it like a professional.
First of all you need to check the property documents and mark the boundary of your property.

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A wooden fence can be easily built by using pickets and boards. You can make both a see through fence and a typical fence for complete privacy. You need strings and batter boards. Batter boards are made up of furring strips; it helps you to move the strings back and forth.
After building fence with a string, make sure it’s six inches above of your property line. Now take the batter boards and fix them in line with the string line. Batter boards must be of 5.5 inches wide, they must overlap 0.5 inches, in this way it will not collapse during storms.
For building fence like a professional, use pickets at each corner of the boundary. Leave a little space for building a wooden gate at the entrance. After establishing the string line, make holes after every eight inches to fix the pickets. After doing this mark lines on the batter boards dig holes in the soil and fix them with the pickets with the help of nails. When you are done with fixing the batter boards, the process of fence building is complete.

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