Home Water Systems and Portable Water Filtration Devices

Water is important. It is a simple fact. The majority of the earth is covered with water, and we as human beings rely on water to function. It makes up about two thirds of our bodies, and all of the processes in our bodies are influenced in some way, shape, or form by water. It is undisputedly incredibly significant. However that does not necessarily mean that our societies have prioritized access to clean, quality water for all. Unfortunately, it is often more about profit than the basic human right. Some of the most important things that can be done are to become knowledgeable about different water systems and spread awareness about the importance and accessibility of good water.

Access to quality water
There are many different ways that water can be accessed and acquired, and depending on your location, your water could differ significantly from the water of someone across the country or even in another area of your state. Many people rely on tap water that comes from public water systems, but there are those who use private water systems. Those are not regulated by the government, so if that is the route you choose to take, you must be vigilant and mindful about how that water is filtered and used.

The majority of water that people use across the nation is considered to be hard water. This simply means that there is an excess amount of minerals, of which calcium and magnesium are the two most common. Most people choose to install residential water softener systems in order to avoid the buildup of scale in pipes, as well as in utilities and appliances that often use water such as kettles and water heaters. This mineral buildup can affect the water temperature, as it is a poor conductor of heat. The benefits of water softeners include clean pipes and appliances, and less sticky soap scum in sinks and showers.

Finding the right water system for your home
Some people choose to install filtration systems in water dispensers and faucets. Others use reverse osmosis systems to combat hard water. The Water Quality Association states that over 40% of people across the country use some sort of home water treatment system. This could include everything from simple and affordable filters in water pitchers to complex units that can cost hundreds of dollars. Whatever system you choose to install and operate in your home, it is important that you educate yourself and your family members about replacing parts on a water system, as upkeep and continued maintenance on the system is crucial to keeping healthy water accessible within your home.

Taking clean water further than your home system can reach
Having clean and healthy water in your home is definitely important. But you are not always at home, and regardless of where you venture to, you always need access to good water. As getting a drink of water is not always as convenient as turning on the faucet or even buying a bottle from the store, it would be wise to arm yourself with a portable water filtration system. Whether you are venturing out on a hike away from civilization, or visiting an area of the world that unfortunately does not have the same simple access to quality water, a portable water filtration system can allow you to collect water from sources you might not otherwise consider drinking from, and consume it after it has been run through your device.

While portable water filtration devices may sound at first like an accessory for an avid hiker or camper who likes to really rough it out in the wild, it really does boil down to common sense. Life is unpredictable. You never know where you might end up, and where you will be able to rely on getting a good drink of water. It certainly is not something you would want to gamble on. Even slight dehydration can take a toll on your energy and brain functions, and just a 9% to 12% loss of water in comparison to your total body weight could end up being fatal.

From home reverse osmosis units to portable water filtration devices, the systems that we use for our water are important.

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