Heres How Your Heat Pump Operates

Heres How Your Heat Pump Operates

You find the heat pump in your home intriguing. During quiet moments throughout your day, you may wonder how exactly a heat pump works. It may be out of pure curiosity, or maybe, you want to know how it works so you can always tell when there are faults and perform repairs. Watching this video will be super helpful for learning how your heat pump operates.

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Your heat pump has indoor and outdoor components connected by a refrigerant unit. They work in opposition to each other in winter and during summer. During winter, the outdoor pump pulls warm air from the air outside and passes it through the refrigerant unit. The compression process inside increases the temperature further. The pump then works to deliver the warm air into your house through the indoor unit.

During summer, when your home is warmer, the inside pump draws the hot air inside of your house. It then circulates the hot air through the evaporator coils for cooling. The cold air is then sent to the refrigerant unit for further compressed cooling and back into the house to cool the temperature. It is critical to ensure that your heat pump is working correctly, especially in the colder months. .

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