Here are 3 Benefits of Using ICF Blocks in Your Home Construction Project

Insulated concrete forms, also known as ICF blocks, have been used in construction projects for over sixty years, being based on a form originally patented in 1966 by Werner Gregori. ICF blocks are different from standard concrete blocks because they interlock with each other as each row of blocks is applied. There are a number of benefits to to be gained if you use ICF blocks in your next home construction project. This article is going to look at three of these benefits.

  • ICF Blocks are Energy Efficient: One extremely important benefit of using ICF blocks in your home construction project is that they are energy efficient. It’s been demonstrated that homes built with ICF walls can save homeowners from 20 to 25 percent on their heating and cooling costs. This is because, due to how the ICF walls are constructed, they are extremely effective at keeping warm air in and cool air out during the cold months, and vice versa during the summer months. ICF blocks are very effective at preventing air from leaking in or out, making it ideal for home construction.
  • Walls Made from ICF Blocks are Stronger: Another important benefit that comes from using ICF blocks is that they make much stronger walls than conventional materials. Buildings made from ICF are six to nine times stronger than traditional buildings and can withstand winds up to 200 mph. Having stronger walls is important because it means your home can better withstand natural disasters if and when they occur.
  • Less Expensive: A third benefit of using ICF blocks in your home construction is that it is less expensive to install. ICF construction costs almost 40 percent less because the nature of the material means that there are less steps involved in the construction process. Since building a home can be very expensive, using ICF can be very helpful because it can cut down on costs and make the project more affordable. This is probably one of the most important benefits because it can save so much money.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits attached to using ICF blocks in your home construction project. These benefits include but are certainly not limited to: ICF blocks are energy efficient, they make stronger walls that can better resist natural disasters, and they are less expensive to install. These are all important things to keep in mind when you’re looking to begin a construction project and you’re wondering what type of materials to use. When that time comes, consider using ICF blocks to build your home.

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