Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Robert Frost penned the words “Good fences make good neighbors” a long time ago, but this troth still holds true today. The principle behind this wonderful paradox is that a properly maintained, positioned, and agreed upon boundary is able to make neighbors get along better. Contrary to how many people view fences, they can also be used to help bring people together. In the poem, “Mending Wall,” two men get together for the yearly practice of mending the wall between them. Stones that fell on either side of the fence during the winter are picked up, put in place, and a little conversation is had between the two stoic buddies. The same applies for fences today. When they are set up properly and maintained in a conscientious manner, they can hep strengthen the bonds between neighbors. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing and maintaining fencing.

Get the Right Size Fence

One of the most important considerations when choosing a fence, business fencing or commercial fencing is the size of the fence. It needs to be big enough to make sure it performs its duty well, yet not so big that it infringes on the comfort of your neighbors. For example, if you want a fence that is tall enough to keep out both people and dogs, you don’t really have to go too high with the fence. Dogs typically only jump or scale fences for specific things they are after, so making the fence around shoulder height—or even a little lower-should suffice. People just need something to make them think twice before crossing your boundary, so a similar height should be enough in most neighborhoods. On the other hand, if you’re afraid of either deer or burglars coming in, you may want to express these concerns to your neighbor before calling the fencing company. A fence sufficient to keep a running and jumping deer out of your yard may have to reach to the point where it impedes your neighbor’s view or gets in the way of low-hanging branches your neighbor may not be ready to trim. You will want to have a brief meeting to discuss your issues.

There also may be some options you can use that will make a lower height fence sufficient. For example, some people make use of electric gates or fences. When these are touched, they emit a shock that is enough to make someone take a quick step back but not enough to do any real physical harm. You may also consider different types of fencing that have a more attractive profile. Your neighbor may appreciate you taking his or her opinion into consideration as you choose the style of fence. This way, the fence can truly help bring the two of you together.

Get the Right Entrance Gate

Entrance gates come in many styles and sizes. All of them definitely do one thing: make a statement. The statement you make, however, shouldn’t be done without taking into consideration the opinions of your neighbors. Entrance gates help shape the character of a street, not just your residence. When entrance gates have a similar style or balance of luxury, the street gets to benefit from the uniformity. Granted, not everyone should have the exact same entrance gate, but if you like one that is particularly flamboyant or gaudy, you may risk offending your neighbors. Similarly, if the entrance gates you like tend to be overly simple or poorly made, they may negatively affect the property values of the other residences on your street. A simple conversation with your neighbors can go a long way towards making sure you choose from the best entrance gates.

Get the Fencing Professionally Installed

Throwing up a fence yourself is going to come with some significant issues, particularly when it comes to your neighbors. First of all, it may seem like you arbitrarily chose the boundary. If a few inches have been taken away from your neighbor, this could cause some problems. If your neighbor sees a professional company on the scene properly surveying the area, you can help prevent hurt feelings. They can also get the job done faster, which means less time crossing your neighbor’s boundary. Then, your good fence will make you a good neighbor.

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