Getting the Right Backyard Remodel Done For Your Property

Homeowners enjoy one particular advantage over those who rent their living spaces: they can modify their property as they see fit, and remodeling can be done inside the home to put down new carpets or lighting fixtures and even update furniture, while on the outside, a backyard remodel job can totally transform the backyard into an attractive and fun place for residents to be. A backyard remodel job can vary widely in the items that are installed, and landscapers can plant trees or shrubs, or they can help envision an arrangement of flower beds, stone pathways, outdoor lighting, or more. Backyard remodel work can also involve a custom fire pit or grill, or landscaping ideas may extend to large projects such as a wooden deck, an outdoor kitchen, or a swimming pool. A wooden fence can be added to any backyard remodel job so that a person has more privacy on their newly transformed yard, and this can also help keep out stray dogs or intruders. What is more, a remodeled property will be more distinctive in the real estate market when the owner chooses to sell the home, and this can also boost the property’s value.

Investments in the Yard

If a homeowner is unsure that a backyard remodel job is the right investment for him or her, that homeowner may consider the statistics of how often remodeling jobs can boost a property’s value and make it more appealing on the real estate market to buyers. Items such as a wooden deck, swimming pool, a secure wooden fence, or even trees and shrubs can go a long way if they are in good condition and if they were properly installed. Trees are one such example. They can make a yard attractive and are a good site for swings, and they can also shade the house, which helps ease the strain of the air conditioner during summer. A tree’s shade can reduce air conditioning costs by 25% or so during summer, and heating costs in cooler weather are lowered since the tree blocks the wind to some extent. Trees and shrubs are also natural air filters, removing carbon dioxide, smoke, dust, and other particles from the air.

Many real estate agents will agree with the claim that landscaping is also a smart financial investment, even if a homeowner ends up spending a lot on such features as trees, a deck, or a swimming pool. In general, landscaping can increase a property’s value by about 14% or so, and what’s even more appealing is the general fact that spending as little as 5% of the property’s value on landscaping can result in a ROI, or return of investment, as high as 150%. About 90% of all real estate agents say that a homeowner should invest in landscaping before selling their property, and good landscaping may even reduce how much time a property stays on the market, sometimes by as much as six weeks. This can be a real relief if the homeowner feels the urgent need to sell their property ASAP. Attractive landscaping can quickly capture the attention of home buyers on the nearby market, and a homeowner may have a lot of offers come in and can afford to raise the property’s price due to the desirable landscaping.

The Landscaping

Different aspects of landscaping are each a proper topic of their own, such as swimming pools or outdoor kitchens, but in general, a homeowner is advised to not only invest in landscaping, but also protect it. A swimming pool should have a protective screen over it in hot weather to prevent water evaporation, and the water should be cleaned and damaged tiles or plaster replaced. A wooden deck, meanwhile, should have sealant and primer applied to help prevent water damage that could warp or crack the wood, or rot it. Trees and other plants should be fertilized and kept clear of weeds, aphids, and other harmful wildlife, while a deck with a kitchen or grill and a dining table should have netting and meshes draped around it so that bothersome insects will not ruin a party. Mosquitoes, hornets, and wasps are definitely not welcome at an outdoor dinner.

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