Tub walk in

If you have a family member who needs a little special help in the bathroom, especially in the tub or shower, the time is probably here for you to consider a walk in bathtub.

A walk in bathtub is a great feature in a home, especially when you consider that its helps someone stay independent because they can bathe safely and comfortably by themselves. A walk in bathtub offers the comfort of a warm soak to someone who has limited mobility but still wants to be as independent as they can. A shower unit attached with the walk in bathtub offers even more flexibility. And for some of our older friends, a walk in bathtub and shower removes the last excuse for not getting washed up all over regularly.

Many models of walk in baths are available, with or without a shower.They can be ordered with gentle massaging air bubble streams, or with more vigorous air jet systems. Both are generally adjustable both in intensity and direction within the tub. These features really become valuable to people who suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, diabetes, muscle cramps, back problems, circulatory disease, muscle weakness and all manner of injuries to body and bone.

Often, all a body needs is a good to soak to get ready for the day or relax before bedtime.

Many walk in bathtubs are free standing units that can be placed with a very small footprint in a bathroom. Some walk in bath tubs are conversion units that can be placed within the confines of a present shower or previous bathtub space. Walk in bathubs make so much sense for people we love.

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