Fence Installation Over Uneven Ground

Fence Installation Over Uneven Ground

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Building a fence isn’t as easy as simply putting some wooden planks into the ground. To make a fence look like it actually belongs in your yard, it needs to adjust to any uneven terrain. This video will break down the basics of fence installation on bumpy ground.

One choice you may have is a fence with an even top line, but gaps between the bottom and the ground in some location. Another choice is to adjust the bottom of the fence to the uneven terrain, but end up with a very messy and uneven top.

Typically, it’s a good idea to go with the first option, as it looks better aesthetically. Plus, you can fill in gaps with soil. However, if the terrain is too rough, the first option may not be realistic.

There is a third option. You can build a custom fence that helps you keep the fence even in some parts, and stair-step it at other points. There may still be gaps in the bottom, but custom fencing is the best option for uneven terrain.

To get the best fence possible, contact real fencing pros. Get referrals from friends and family or look at reviews online. Check out the video in the link above for more information on fencing over uneven terrain.

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