Facts on Hardwood Floors

Updated: 1/27/2022

When you have flooring that you want to replace, getting hardwood flooring is a great choice. You don’t have to know all about hardwood flooring in order to make a choice, but you should know the basic hardwoods that are on the market. Each of them has its own benefits and disadvantages, so it’s best to know what those are. In some areas, getting Amish-made hardwood flooring is a great choice that’s available. The workmanship of Amish items is well known, making them highly sought after.

It’s best to get hardwood floor installers to come in and put in your flooring, as they know all about wood flooring. Doing it yourself will likely take at least several days, and it will require you to buy a number of types of tools and equipment. If you are looking to lower the price of your flooring, you can call around and find out the best affordable wood flooring. The prices will be different across the different types of woods. Some hardwoods are harder than others, and these tend to be the most expensive. When you choose your hardwood, you will also choose the length of the pieces as well as the finish for them if they are unfinished.


Vinyl flooring

Every single year there are a large number of people and the couple’s across the United States that will make a difficult decision and a difficult transition that is not easy no matter how you slice it. These people will have to decide where they want to move to and that decision is incredibly difficult within itself. They will have to choose an area that they like and will then have to hunt for a property that they want to either lease or buy.

Once this decision is made, there are more decisions that will present themselves that include carpet installation or deciding if they authentic hardwood floors. Furthermore, most Americans that already have a property that they live in or that they own will decide to make renovations to their home every single year. These people will decide to renovate either their kitchen, bathroom, or even their bedroom.
What is really important is that these people make sure they are getting involved in situations in which they can make an educated decision. It is foolish to end up getting yourself into a situation in which you are in over your head and end up making your house look worse. Here are all of the facts that you should know about when you decide whether or not you want authentic hardwood floors in your house.


A Houzz survey was conducted amongst homeowners and it revealed that over 40% of all people plan to carpet their master bedroom. So understand that carpet or hardwood floors vary in terms of placement based on the room itself. Most people would prefer authentic hardwood floors in the kitchen as opposed to their bedroom.

Another Houzz survey was conducted and this revealed that out of all participants homes, just about 34% of all the floors were made of authentic hardwood floors. The National Association of Realtors released information that revealed that over half of all home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring. If you are a homeowner that wants to sell your home then you may want to invest in getting some authentic hardwood floors because it will help raise the value of your home.

In the United States, carpeting comprises just about over half of the total flooring market. People enjoy carpeting in terms of flooring depending on the room and they even more so love to have a mix of both carpet and authentic hardwood floors. Over 90% of all homeowners will prefer hardwood or tile in the kitchen and 44% of all homeowners will prefer to have carpet in their bedroom because it makes them feel much more comfortable.

For most homeowners, laminate flooring can last anywhere between 15 and 25 years. Also, keep in mind that vinyl flooring was created over 80 years ago and is one of the strongest and most resilient flooring materials available today. Studies have suggested that carpets will help reduce allergens and in Sweden data was collected which revealed that when people used carpet less there was a strong increase in allergies.

In Conclusion

A Houzz survey was conducted in 2017 and it revealed that over 70% of all people working to upgrade their flooring were deciding on renovating their kitchens. As mentioned earlier, most people will want different flooring for different rooms and experts believe this to be true based on data. It would be odd to enter a bedroom that features wood flooring just as it would be odd to enter a kitchen that is filled with carpet. This is because people often prefer authentic hardwood floors in their kitchen because they can drop liquids which ruins carpets.

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