Every Season is Bug Season

What has eight legs, eight eyes, and can create a scream like no other? You guessed it, a spider! So maybe they can’t produce a scream, but they sure can cause one when you pull back your favorite pair of sheets only to find one of these crawling critters has made your bed their home.

Pest control services have over 27,000 different businesses in operation across the United States. And this number has only increased by 2018, with commercial exterminator services growing by 2.8% in just five years. So what has caused this jump in pest exterminators?

Well, there is only one possible reason: bugs!! The only reason for a rise in commercial exterminator services is a rise in creepy critters wandering around your household. Whether you are in the middle of the dog days of summer or huddled up trying to escape the bitter winter cold, no season is a bug-free season.

Bugs are always seeking either a warm place to cuddle up or a cool place to beat the heat. You can’t wait for the weather to change in hopes that the insects find their way out, because before you know it they will just have another door in. And so the long-rumored thoughts that as soon as the rain stops the roaches will go won’t do you any good to believe.

This realization is hitting people all over America and leading to a boom in commercial exterminator services. Whether there are more bugs around or not we don’t really know, but what we do know is that once you have them they are there to stay unless you call in the experts. The rain may bring in more roaches and a sugar trail is a sure way to attract a few extra ants, but getting rid of these things doesn’t mean getting rid of the bugs.

What does this all come down to? Hire the experts, and stop sharing your home with unwanted residents. Don’t wait for the weather to change or think that cleaning up a little will take away places to hide. There is only one way to kick bug-outs and own your home, and that is professional pest control trained to take your house back.

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