Erasing Contaminants from Your Water

American plumber water filter

Unfortunately, not all of our drinking water is really safe to drink. According to different studies, up to 15 percent of public water and up to 40 percent of private water supplies contain some kind of bacteria like coliform bacteria. You may want to consider an American Plumber water filter or something similar for your own water supply.

Whole house water filters are used in homes that “supposedly” have good municipal water. Your options are practically unlimited, in fact you can choose from Everpure water filters, Hoshizaki water filters, Omni water filters and Pentek water filters. It may seem like you have too many choices, but the EPA has to regulate more than 80 contaminants that can be found in your public water system.

The water coming in has to be treated by law, but there are still risks that an American Plumber water filter can help erase. First, you are potentially at risk of having contaminants sneak into your home water supply. That can happen along the pipe system or even at the faucet. Too many of the water contaminants are too small to be seen, but can be picked up by something like an American Plumber water filter.

Secondly, your water contains various chemicals that are used to treat it. Not all of those chemicals are healthy to drink, even if they are below the EPA guidelines. This is where you can get rid of these contaminants with an American Plumber water filter.

Water filters come in several different types. Filter membranes are made to trap the minute particles as they pass through the membrane. A filter membrane might be found in whole house systems like an American Plumber water filter.

There are also reverse osmosis filters that rely on natural water pressure to push water through a membrane, and reducing the unwanted particles. Ultra violet water filters are available to killing bacteria and viruses in the water supply. It does not matter if you use an American Plumber water filter or some other type, maintaining clean water will have health benefits from removing the contaminants.

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