Electrical Installation  How Its Done

Electrical Installation How Its Done

This video provides a complete guide for carrying out the electrical installation by yourself in your home. You will find all the tools that you need and the steps that you need to take to ensure it is done safely.

A measuring tape, cables (the wires inside the jacket where the wires are enclosed), a voltage tester, a stud finder, an electric box, a level, a pencil (or any other writing instrument), a drill bit, cordless drill, drywall saw, fish tape, hammer, and chisel (if installing wires through a fire block), metal nail plate, are the materials and tools that you’d need to successfully carry out your electrical installation.

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If you, however, feel like you are not comfortable carrying out the electrical installation on your own, feel free to call in a professional electrician to get the job done for you. You may need to keep this video handy so you too can get all the information that you need to allow you effectively supervise the electrician’s work and ensure he performs the job properly and just how you want it.

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