Eco Friendly Playground Wood Chip

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In addition to fertilizers, bulk mulch, and topsoil, wood chips are commonly used for gardening and landscaping, as their natural, organic properties encourage the growth of plants, flowers, and shrubbery. Bulk mulch and wood chips work in a similar fashion as compost, by providing the earth with a natural, ecologically safe form of nutrients. Playground wood chips are the same material that landscapers and gardeners use, and can be purchased at the same vendors who offer bulk mulch Fairfax, landscaping rocks, landscaping stones, and topsoil northern Virginia. Although wood chips have long been used as an aid for growing, they are commonly used as playground wood chips, as they provide a safe, environmentally friendly surface.

Playground wood chips have been found to be useful for other things besides gardening, landscaping, and safety surfaces. The same types of wood chips are used to create wood pulp, which, in turn, is used in the manufacturing of paper. Additionally, the same playground wood chips are also a fine source of solid fuel that many homeowners use to heat their homes. The wood used in playground wood chips has actually been used as a energy source to power Otto and Stirling engines, steam engines and other engines that are powered by wood gas. Furthermore, the wood material in playground woodchips can even be used to power internal combustion engines.

One of the best things about playground wood chips, other than its wide variety of uses, is the fact that they are an ecologically friendly and highly sustainable resource. Although playground wood chip, obviously, comes from trees, much of it is harvested via sustainable forestry practices. Furthermore, playground wood chip harvesting can help to prevent forest fires, as cutting down older or less healthy trees can create barriers that can impede the progress of an out of control forest fire. As for the purpose of a playground surface, playground wood chips offer an excellent surface that can reduce the impact of fall just as effectively as rubber playground surfaces. However, the biggest difference is the fact that playground wood chip is environmentally friendly, while rubber surfaces are not.

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