Do You Need a Summer Remodeling Project to Help You with a Difficult Transition?


This has been a lonely week.
Your youngest daughter turned 16 last Saturday and you told your husband that she is acting like a caged bird that has finally been set free. Although long summer days n the past were full of you shopping together and spending time outside by the local pool, the new driver suddenly has other places to go and other people to be with. To make matters worse, this summer your daughter, who just completed her second year in college, decided to stay on campus 12 hours from home. Working in the admissions office, as well as volunteering for the new student three day weekends, this daughter now also has her schedule full of activities away from home. Away from you.
As you walk up and down the stairs and up and down the hallway to the bedrooms you take your time doing a little cleaning, putting away the last of the laundry, and wonder how it is that you will occupy all of your newfound time. It is a situation that is difficult for your husband to understand. He has never enjoyed the summer schedule that you and the girls have. He still goes to work everyday, even in the months of June, July, and August, while you enjoy some weeks away from your high school classroom. You know, in fact, that it will be up to you to find a way to keep yourself both busy and productive now that the parenting times in your life are less needed.
As you go into your younger daughter’s room with some shoes that were left in the laundry room you take a detour through the very empty room where your college aged daughter used to be. This quiet and unused space, surprisingly, gives you an idea of what you can do on these long afternoons. With a couple of new color ideas in mind, you decide to first repaint her room and then redesign how her room is used. You still want a place for her to sleep when she returns from school on winter break, but you realize that with a little bit or redesign work you can transform this space into something other than a shrine to a daughter who is not really coming home very much anymore.
With a couple of phone calls to remodeling contractors to get some bids, you are once again on a mission. Not a mission like summers past when the goal was to see how many times you could get to the pool in a week, but a mission to redesign this space so that her room can serve as a sitting and a reading room during these upcoming summer days. Days that will be long, but that now have a new purpose!
Are You Ready to Redesign a Tired or Unused Space in Your Home?
Are you tired of some of the spaces in your home? Do you have a bathroom or an unused bedroom that needs to be remodeled into a better version of itself. For many families, the time when the teenagers head off to college is the perfect time to rethink bedrooms, family rooms, and the often outdated bathrooms in a home.

  • Remodeling projects can range from a small half bath to an entire first floor, but many home owners like to see the final plan and get all of the bids for the materials and labor before the project begins.
  • Estimates from a Houzz survey indicate that 60% of home owners plan to remodel their master bathroom.
  • Do you have a bathroom that has not been updated in more than 20 years? Now may be the time to take care of that project.
  • Eestimates indicate that 25% of renovations are driven by recent home purchases, and that more than 10% of renovators purchased a home in 2015.
  • Surveys indicate that 85% of the homes in U.S. were built before 1980.
  • Insisting on quality workmanship is the best way to get the most return on investment (ROI).
  • Glass shower enclosures are the most popular choice, preferred by 79% of home owners who are planning to redesign a bathroom.
  • Newly designed spaces can bring life into an outdated living area in a home.

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