DIY Thermal Insulation for Attics

DIY Thermal Insulation for Attics

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Attics can be the draftiest part of the house and cause energy efficiency problems. To save yourself some money on utilities, follow our guide to adding thermal insulation covers to your attic

Rafter Vents

You can install rafter vents on the slopes of the inside of the roof to promote airflow. You can get them for around $20 at your local hardware store and install them with a staple gun.


Take measurements of the width and depth of your roof rafters. You will use these dimensions to buy the right-sized thermal insulation covers.


Most thermal insulation material is made from fiberglass, so make sure you wear long sleeves, durable gloves, and an air filtration mask.


Use a long tool, like a rake or broom, to push the insulation into the roof rafters. Cut the excess length off with a saw or box cutter. You can put the excess on top for added insulation or simply dispose of it safely.

It’s as easy as that. You can build an insulation barrier for the door of your attic, too. You just need the dimensions of the door and the depth of the folded ladder, if that’s how you access the attic.



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