Custom Fasteners for a Range of Applications in Specialized Industries

Small screws

For many industries, custom screws manufactured according to client drawings and specifications can help move forward design and manufacturing processes. In many industries such as consumer products, medical devices, industrial products, automotive applications and more, there is often a need for custom small diameter threaded products like micro fasteners and custom shoulder bolts. Engineers, product designers and manufacturers will appreciate the convenience and competitive pricing of custom manufactured solutions that are made to the highest standards.

Micro screws for smaller devices
Industries such as consumer products, medical devices, industrial products, automotive applications and more, need high quality micro diameter screws. Micro screws and miniature fasteners allow designers, hobbyists and product development engineers to design smaller devices. For example, ultra thin head screws as thin as 0.2mm thick make it possible for them to design of thinner assemblies.
When the custom fasteners, micro fasteners and custom shoulder bolts are made in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and ROHS compliant factories, clients can be sure that they are getting the highest quality materials and manufacturing.

Custom screws for different projects
Custom machine screws and thread forming screws in sizes ranging from M0.6-M5 and #000-#4 for special projects provide unique and customized fastening solutions. These include the following types and more:

  • Hi-lo screws with a reduced minor diameter: these minimize stress because they displace less plastic material. There is a double lead high and low thread, and the high thread has a 30 degree thread form. This minimizes material displacement further and provides positive thread engagement.
  • Delta PT screws: These have as much as 50% higher torsional and tensile strength than other fasteners with the same diameter.
  • The PT screw: Radial stresses are reduced due to a 30 degree thread angle. High axial component lowers radial stresses, increases thread depth, reduces installation torque, and improves material flow.
  • SEMS screws: Two separate parts are combined into a pre-assembled fastener. SEMS screws have washers under the head and are fast, permanent, and adaptable to many applications.
  • Inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers: These are the two main types of thread lockers. Inert thread locking is also known as prevailing torque. It creates a secure fastening lock, that is resistant to vibration and shock related slippage.

Custom designed micro screws and fasteners like custom shoulder bolts give designers, hobbyists and product engineers the ability to design smaller devices, with components made to a high standard of quality.

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