CO2 Blasting, A Less Abrasive Cleaning Alternative

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If you have a tough cleaning job and are considering traditional cleaning techniques like sand blasting, you should reconsider. Even when done right, by its nature, sand can abrade and damage the surface or object that you are cleaning. CO2, or carbon dioxide, blasting is an alternative that is not abrasive, leaving what you are cleaning in good shape afterwards.

Also known as dry ice blasting, CO2 blasting uses small pellets of frozen carbon dioxide, better known as dry ice, to scour the surface of what you are cleaning. The small pellets of frozen CO2, rather than glancing off the surface like sand, turn to gaseous CO2 upon impact, essentially using the force of the gas to blast the surface clean. This is what makes CO2 cleaning a safer alternative to sand blasting and similar techniques.

Because it is a less abrasive cleaning method, CO2 blasting can be used in a wider variety of applications that sand blasting would just be too harsh for. CO2 blasting can be used to clean more than just surfaces, including machines that are too delicate for traditional blasting. If you have specialty or industrial equipment that needs cleaning, CO2 blasting could be a good option for you.

There are several dry ice blasting companies available for dry ice blasting minnesota. If you are looking to save costs and have some personal or professional experience with the medium, dry ice blasting companies often rent their gear. However, if you inexperienced with this technique or others like it, it is best to also use the professional services of dry ice blasting rental companies. Whatever your CO2 blasting need, you will be able to find the services and equipment you need in Minnesota. We look forward to helping you get your project done.

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