Backyard Swingsets Promote Physical Fitness in Children

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Did you know that basketball was invented in 1891 by a PE teacher who nailed peach baskets to a tree 10 feet off the ground? The balls had to be removed every time because there were no holes in the baskets! Backyard swingsets are a perfect way for your children to not only have fun but to keep fit as well. Studies show that obese children have a much higher risk of developing bone and joint problems, social and psychological problems like low self esteem, and sleep issues. If this could all be avoided by just buying an outdoor playset or backyard swingsets, what parent would not jump at the chance?

Of course, we all know that is not all it takes for a child to become physically fit especially when almost 40 percent of Hispanic and African American children are classified to be overweight or obese, but at least it is a start. Backyard swingsets, such as wooden swingsets can make all the difference in being inside or outside on a warm spring day. It is common knowledge that plenty of exercise and sunshine helps to build healthy bones and muscles in our children and that it cuts down on the risk of being obese, along with helping to prevent diseases such as colon cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease when our children get older. There are many swing sets for sale on the market today, as well as trampolines for sale that can help prevent this from happening to our children. A swingset in the backyard can reduce anxiety and make children happier in the long run through physical activity.

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