Are Your Concrete Slabs Sinking? Consider Concrete Raising To Get You Back On Level Ground

What Is Concrete Raising?

Concrete raising, also known as slab jacking, is the process in which concrete slabs are raised, as the name suggests. This is done by pumping material under the sunken slab so that it rises back to where it needs to be. The process of filling voids in concrete is usually used to support old foundations or heighten slabs that have begun to sink due to age.

The Benefits Of Concrete Raising.

While you could always have old slabs and foundations torn up and completely redone, concrete leveling offers additional benefits that should be considered.

  • Cost. For one thing the process doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t require all the additional labor that would come with a complete tear out. You also don’t have to pay for much in the way of materials, as all that’s needed is the grout used to lift the slab. If you need to fix sinking concrete, but don’t want to break the bank, this option is certainly something to consider.
  • Quick and Easy. As opposed to a whole new concrete fixture that can take weeks to properly finish setting, you will be able to utilize the fixed surface the same day. This means it not only saves both time and money, but it works to create a dramatic transformation quickly and easily.
  • Landscaping. Demolition of concrete slabs can ruin landscaping. With concrete raising you don’t have to worry about your lawn becoming a heavy construction zone. This is extra helpful for those who have invested a lot of time and money into their lawns, gardens, or flowerbeds.

Cons Of Concrete Raising

As far as cons go, there are a few that are worth weighing against the pros. In most cases this method will be the best option overall; however, only if the underlying problem is determined and rectified. If a concrete slab is sinking it could be due to soil erosion caused by a poor or broken drainage system. If this is the case, while raising will lift the slab, it can continue to sink until the underlying issue is addressed. If it can be fixed, concrete raising has the potential to be a long lasting and effective solution to sinking slabs.

Concrete raising is the perfect solution for fixing sinking concrete slabs. If you are experiencing this problem, contacting a company that specializes in this method can help rectify this issue, and get you back to level ground. However, remember to always get an inspection to detect any underlying reasons for the sinking. In some cases it’s just age, in others it can be a deeper problem. Taking care of that should be priority number one, but after you can expect results that will last decades.

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