Are You Getting Good at Being a Great Dad?

The school secretary recently sent out an email explaining the recent changes to the Watch Dogs Program at school. making sure that they were keeping everyone in the loop about the Dads of Great Students (DOGS), this program involves everyone at the elementary school so they are going that everyone will take the time to read through the information. For you, the main thing is that you will be able to participate. As a contract number in a medium sized town, you are able to be as busy as you want, but you are also able to schedule yourself time away from work to help with these kinds of programs.
The kick off event for this group will be a Donuts with Dads meeting on the last Friday of the month. Scheduled for the half hour before school starts, this is the kind of kick off that typically draws a pretty big crowd. Fortunately, with your work schedule you have never had to miss one of these beginning of the year events. The program schedules DOGS to come help in the parking lot before school on Mondays, Thursdays, and some Fridays. Encouraging parents, especially dads, to participate in school is a great way to get entire families involved.

Does Your Job Allow You to Help at Your Child’s School?

Not every parent has a job that allows school parent participation, but if you are a private contractor you may have more flexibility in your schedule. From construction site contractors who can schedule one or two mornings a week away from work to contract plumbers in Cloquet MN where the winter weather requires a little extra time in the mornings in the winter, there are many times when a parent, especially a father, can be off help at a school. From parking lot help to reading aloud to students in the classroom, there are many times when an extra adult in a space is a perfect option.

Some other ways that these parents can be of assistance is to provide what schools like to call check in or triage. By having an extra adult on hand to read through and go over a behavior chart, read social story, or go on a walk, the difficult transitions that some kids have when they come to school can be a little more manageable. And while these check ins are a little different from the typical heating and cooling work or home building projects that many dads do for their careers, all of these dads have experience with kids. contract plumbers in Cloquet MN can be as effective on the job as they are in the school.

Nearly 66% of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners, but in the neighborhoods closest to schools even more homes have kids. And many of these kids can benefit from the help that white collar workers, as well as plumbers in Cloquet MN, can offer.

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