Are Old Windows Costing You Money Each Month?

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The windows of a house can be the biggest wasters of energy. Regions that experience very hot summers or piles of snow are likely to rely on their home’s HVAC system to keep the house temperature comfortable year round. Barring an accident with a flying projectile, most people do not bother with new window installation. But windows that are older than 15 years can stick in their frames, not protect against drafts, and do little to save the homeowner money on their monthly bills.

It Is Not Only About Storm Window Replacements.

While some window installation is completed solely with the view of improving safety, such as with storm windows, there are other benefits. Energy efficient windows are known to give about a 70% return on investment, a perk to remember when the estimate for the window installation comes in. You may be wondering what makes these windows so special.

What Makes These Windows Energy Efficient Over My Old Windows?

If you are going through the trouble of window installation, you will want to make sure the replacement windows are an improvement. May as well improve the home’s resell value when possible. But you might be wondering just what has been done to these new windows to make them energy efficient. The fact is, it all has to do with insulation. To keep hot air out (or in, depending on the season), the window has to be more than a single pane of glass.

Windows that are double paned, or even better, have a quarter inch of air or aragon between them are better at insulation. An added benefit is their improved noise-reducing qualities. Lower monthly energy bills and a quieter home are actually achievable with a simple window installation.

What Should You Look For When Window Shopping?

If installing new windows throughout the whole house is (understandably) out of your price range, it is important to plan strategically. Find out where your home’s energy efficiency can be improved, such as a room that receives a lot of light at midday. Then look into window designs that will fit your home best. Finally, compare the energy ratings of the narrowed pool of window options.

Replacing windows is not as fun or exciting a home improvement project as, say, redoing a bathroom or the kitchen. Depending on the design you chose, it may not even be immediately obvious that the windows are new. But it will be obvious as time goes on, as rooms stay more temperate, drafts disappear, and bills slowly decrease.

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