A Classic Way To Improve Your Home Value The Whimsical Appeal Of Glass Pool Mosaic Tile Designs

Crafting an elegant home sometimes has to be done piece-by-piece.

This bodes true for an effective roofing installation and this applies to the nature of pool tile designs. A beautiful throwback to ancient times, a refined abode today can’t afford to miss out. For homeowners installing a new pool this summer, looking into custom mosaics could be just the homeowner project you’ve been looking for. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, they can boost your home value significantly. That’s before we get into the conversations they’ll start when you bring family over!

How do you install pool tiles? Which designs are available? Get in touch with history by reading below on the art of custom mosaics.

Where Beautiful Mosaics Came From

Homeowners who love architecture and history will already have a clue as to where these beautiful constructions came from. The art of mosaic stretches back many thousands of years, spanning the world from the Middle East to several European countries. While many were made out of clay and stone, glass mosaics date back to 300 years B.C.. The modern day hasn’t lost its love for mosaics and will see it celebrated in small towns and major cities alike. Embellishing your home with a mosaic design will give it a sense of enchantment not easily found elsewhere.

How The Art Of Mosaics Has Changed Over The Centuries

As touched on above, mosaics haven’t had a linear path to follow. It’s been found in religious locations and homes alike. There are artists today who specialize in the art of mosaic, while some homeowners love trying out new pool tile designs on their time off. Subway tiles were first used in the early 1900s New York subway stations, proving not just lovely to look at, but easy to clean and highly durable. You can expect much of the same benefits when searching for pool tile designs for the home.

Defining Home Value And How It Pertains To You

Home value is very important to many. It establishes how quickly your home will be bought should you put it up for sale, for starters, and lets you know how modern many of your additions are. Improving your home value is best done with ongoing projects that address weaker parts of your residence. Pool tile designs add an extra pop to your foundation, creating a sense of wonder that can see your home flying off the proverbial shelf. At their most basic, though, they just give you something to appreciate every time you go outside.

Various Types Of Mosaic Tiles On The Market

No two pool tiles are made the same. Some are more reflective, creating a shimmer that can be glimpsed at a distance, while others are more matte. Yet more are designed for outside use, while others are able to be submerged underwater without losing their color. Glass tile remains one of the most coveted among homeowners for its ability to retain appearance and surface integrity indefinitely. Exposed aggregate (similar to cement), plaster, and fiberglass, on the other hand, can range between a five to 25 year lifespan.

Beautiful Pool Tile Designs To Choose From

Which designs will suit you best? Now’s a great time to get in touch with your personal aesthetic. Some homeowners are highly fanciful, wanting to see mermaid mosaics every time they jump into their pool. Others want to show their appreciation for nature, installing a mosaic turtle or a mosaic dolphin. Glass tile for swimming pools are just as varied and complex as you are, so consider taking a few minutes this week to reel in on what stands out the most to you.

You only have a more beautiful home and higher home value to look forward to!

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