5 Ways a Landscape Designer Can Improve Your Outside Living Space

While it’s important to work on improving your indoor living spaces, to maximize the value, comfort, and appeal of your home, you should also prioritize your outside spaces. Across the United States, front and back yards comprise nearly 21 million grassy acres. With such a vast amount of yard space surrounding American homes, it’s clear to see how landscape installation projects are so important. Rather than leaving your outdoor living space as an afterthought, consider a range of upgrades that can take your yard from basic to beautiful with help from a landscape designer.

Clean Up Your Landscape

Landscape design is one of the most consequential factors when it comes to your outside living spaces. No fire pit, swimming pool, or outdoor kitchen can shine if grass, bushes, and trees are unkempt.

To bring out the best in your yard, work with a landscape designer to come up with the concept that works best for the size of yard you have and your own personal preferences. Also, consider adding seasonal and ornamental flowers and plants to improve your yard’s beauty even further.

Add Lighting

You won’t be able to admire all of the hard work put into maintaining your beautiful outdoor living space if it isn’t well-lit. There are a variety of ways a landscape designer can incorporate lighting throughout your yard or garden, including adding solar lights to your footpaths, hanging string lights around your patio or fences, and using accent lighting to direct attention to specific outside amenities. Soft lighting is a quick and simple upgrade that helps to set a relaxing mood in your outdoor living space.

Create Pathways

If you don’t want your outdoor living space to look like one big, disorganized yard, then set up clear pathways that help control the flow of movement throughout the space. According to Better Homes and Gardens, yards of all sizes are more appealing when they have well-established traffic patterns.

Whether you build a stone footpath, distinguish walkways using different types of materials, or use trees and shrubs to establish a sense of direction, developing pathways throughout your outdoor living space can drastically improve its look and feel. A landscape designer can assist you with determining which type of pathway will be most feasible for your outside space.

Install a Pool

If you’re considering upgrading your outside space, a pool project could be exactly what you need. Serving multiple functions, a pool can improve the look of your yard by establishing a focal point that is visually appealing, and it can also serve as a source for entertainment, exercise, and relaxation. A pool contractor can help you determine if a concrete pool, fiberglass, or above-ground option is best for your yard. Work with a landscape designer to select the perfect positioning for a new pool, as well as to determine the best size and shape of pool to complement your yard.

Build a Patio or Deck

Another essential upgrade that can improve your outdoor living space includes the addition of a patio or deck. These construction projects provide an organic flow that helps make the transition from inside to outside more seamless and subtle. Patios and decks can be constructed using a variety of materials, from wood to brick, and a landscape designer can assist you in making the decision that works best for your outside space and existing structures. This is definitely a landscape installation project that should be left to the professionals and not attempted as a DIY undertaking.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor living spaces, consider these five options and work with a landscape designer to ensure the vision you have for your yard is fulfilled in a professional, efficient manner. From incorporating lighting to establishing walkways to adding new structures like pools and decks, there are so many ways to take your yard from average to amazing.

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