5 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Your Move

Nearly 12% of the population in the U.S. moved in 2015 and 2016, according to the Annual Social and Economic Population Survey. So, if you’re moving, you’re not alone.

Moving from one home to another is exciting. It can also be a pain in the neck. So much to do, so little time, it seems. There are ways to prepare for the big project that is moving.

The following are 5 things to keep in mind before you move.

  1. Count the cost. Determine how much your move will cost. How do you do this? You call reputable, local moving companies to give you a free estimate. Often, the movers will want to see your place in person before they give the estimate. This helps confirm the legitimacy of the moving company and can give you confidence that you are receiving a fair price. Don’t be afraid, however, to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion.
  2. Hire a good moving company. You want only reliable, experienced movers moving your furniture and household items from one home to another. Legitimate local moving services will give you an accurate cost estimate. Their employees will be bonded and insured, and they will have references. Ask for references or look up online reviews. Once you’ve done your research and talked with the moving company, you can be confident in your move.
  3. Checklisting is key. Even if you are not a checklist kind of person, creating a checklist will save you time, trouble, and money in the end. A good pre-moving checklist will give your move order and a sense of accomplishment when finished, without wondering, “Have I missed anything?” A good checklist will give you a timeline, so that you can tackle moving tasks in bite-sized chunks. It will keep you organized and will help prioritize the most important tasks. Plus, it simply feels good to complete a checklist. You can find a variety of moving checklists online.
  4. Declutter your home. First things first. You’ll be more than happy that you have gotten rid of things you do not need and things you never use before you move. Why move items that will only go in storage or take up precious room in your new home. You will save time and trouble in the long run by doing a thorough Spring cleaning. Finally, decluttering your home is one of the best time saving measures you can take. Your local moving service will also appreciate the effort.
  5. You need assistance with your move. Moving can be an arduous task. Moving is made more arduous when you or your family are the only ones moving all the furniture, all the boxes, and every little knick knack. Just because your friend has a truck does not mean they want to help you move. Choose one of your area’s local moving services to get the job done. It the long run, the job will be done right, in less time, and the cost will be worth it. You’ll be happy to let professional movers do the work they’re trained to do. Plus, they have all the proper tools and equipment, such as moving dollies, to move your household items in a safe and effective manner. The stress reduction alone is worth the cost of hiring a good moving company. Enjoy your drive to your new home instead of wondering if you’ve packed all the boxes.

Moving is a complex process, but not one that cannot be overcome with the help of one of your city’s local moving services. Do you research, select from among your area’s local moving services, and enjoy the savings in time, stress, and backaches that professional movers will give you. Happy moving!

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