4 Pool Renovations That Will Upgrade Your Pool to the Max

Swimming is a very popular summer activity, and thousands of homeowners across the Tampa region have private swimming pools. If you are one of those people, you know that your pool will need a facelift after a while. Styles and trends change throughout the years, and wear and tear takes a toll on even the most well designed pools. If your pool is looking worse for the wear this year, then maybe it’s time to update your pool. Here are four popular pool renovations that will do just that.

Add a slide
Whether you have kids or not, slides are a ton of fun. You can experience those water park thrills right at home. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect slide for your pool deck. You pool will be the desired hangout spot of the neighborhood once you add a pool slide during your renovation process.

Update your liner
Liners for above ground pools last six to 10 years in many cases, so at some point, yours will need updating. Styles and patterns for liners evolve over the years, so changing out your liner may just be the update your pool needs. Putting a new liner in can take your pool from looking worn out to looking brand new in just one day.

Purchase energy efficient equipment
Although this pool renovation is not necessarily something you can see with the naked eye, it will definitely update your pool for the better. Updating your equipment will reflect in your energy bills every month and will definitely save you money. You pool will become less expensive to operate the more time goes on, leaving you more money to update other aspects of your pool.

Refinish the deck or patio
Whether your pool deck has seen better days, or it just has an outdated retro look, refinishing the deck can give your pool, as well as the entire backyard, a whole new look. This change can add a dramatic new look to your yard, and there are several ways you can do it. You can simply re-stain and refinish the wood, or you can completely change everything and add concrete that will last a lifetime.

Whether your pool needs function or cosmetic changes, pool renovations can help you update your pool for the new year. Add a slide, update your liner, get energy efficient equipment, and refinish your deck. Any of these renovation ideas will drastically change the way you see and use your pool. nike air max blancas nike air max blancas joyeria pandora

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