4 Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors

Updated 7/26/22


Having a lovely driveway and a parking spot is an outstanding achievement in one’s home. Asphalt is the best option to choose if you want to replace or make a new driveway. It is durable and can last up to thirty years. It is less likely to be damaged and is ready to use after construction. You can search for asphalt paving companies near you and how long asphalt driveway cost to be able to budget appropriately.

Roads made up of asphalt are very strong and can accommodate heavy trucks. Additionally, they require less labor, easy to repair, and are very economical compared to concrete. You must come up with a budget on how much does it cost to put in asphalt driveway depending on driveway length and width.

Blacktop surfaces are very similar to asphalt surfaces. They are the most used products used for paving. When planning on the process of paving your driveway, it is highly recommendable to have a plan on how much would it cost to blacktop my driveway. Do research for the best paving companies near you to consult on how much does blacktopping a driveway cost. For proper calculations, have all the measurements for the drive, and the consultant will guide you.



Asphalt is a preferred choice to many while constructing and resurfacing driveways, parking lots, and roads. The components of asphalt come in different colourful varieties. It is important to note there is a difference between resurfacing and resealing. The former involves ripping the surface a few inches and overlaying the surface with new material. The latter involves applying a few layers of asphalt to the surface. The few layers are mostly one or two thin layers; both methods of applying asphalt increase the driveway’s lifespan. However, both methods are temporary fixes.
Asphalt concrete pavement layers are the best in areas that;
• Heavy trucks are passing
• The seasons change drastically
As a means to reduce waste and maintain the ozone layer, there is asphalt concrete recycling. Recycling of asphalt materials is used as aggregate substitute material and cement binder. The asphalt driveway price per square foot depends on materials and labour. The average asphalt installation cost is four thousand five hundred dollars. The beauty of asphalt is, it is way cheaper and economical than concrete.
Moreover, asphalt roads last longer, between 25-30 years. Maintenance is key in ensuring the driveways, roads, and parking lots made from asphalt materials last longer. Additionally, asphalt roads and driveways are appealing hence increasing the value of a place.

If someone is looking to have a driveway or parking lot redone, they might need to go to an asphalt paving contractor. The contractor will be able to help them with everything that they need for this job, including any potential asphalt demolition that needs to be done. You can do the research and find good and qualified professionals in your area who will be able to have the job done in a way that is both aesthetically attractive and functionally very useful so that you will be able to use the asphalt driveway or parking lot to park your cars for years to come.

Although many people like to think that they can just focus on the quality of the job that is done, the truth is that budgetary concerns are very real as well. Many people might need to consult with an asphalt cost estimator, for example, so that they can have some idea of what they are going to be spending on the project. It is a good idea to be familiar with the asphalt installation cost, as well as the asphalt parking lot construction cost per square foot if someone is having a parking lot done.

A properly installed asphalt surface can have a long lifespan if maintained regularly. For instance, sealing asphalt driveways every two to three years can keep it in good condition for over twenty years. Therefore, preventative maintenance for residential asphalt paving can ensure your driveway remains appealing.

As a homeowner, you want qualified residential asphalt paving contractors to help you maintain your driveway. Adept contractors will advise you on enhancing your curb appeal through driveway paving. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, you want the best contractors available.

If you need asphalt paving services for your commercial property, consult reputable commercial asphalt paving contractors. Since commercial properties have more massive traffic than residential places, you need to hire experienced asphalt paving contractors. This article gives a brief guide on what to consider when hiring commercial asphalt paving contractors.

Check the Contractor’s Credentials

One of the most crucial factors to consider is the industry qualification of the commercial asphalt paving contractors. Paving contractors are covered under the road construction docket and licensed at the state level. Your typical commercial asphalt paving contractor should be permitted to operate in the region you are contacting them.

For licensing by the contractor’s board, they must have the required technical and academic qualifications. Ensure the commercial asphalt paving service provider has the necessary training and experience to get the job done. The experience of the contractor plays a crucial role in the selection process.

If the contractors have previously handled asphalt paving jobs, they are likely to do a remarkable job. Failure to verify their credentials could lead to liability issues in case of injury while working. You can avoid problems with your insurance company by simply checking the contractor’s qualifications.

Get Multiple Quotes for Your Project

When making any commercial improvement projects such as an asphalt parking lot repair, consider sampling a few quotes. You can contact at least three different companies and compare their overall price. Additionally, get a detailed quote with included projects and available warranty terms.

Take time to review the quotes and pay attention to detail. Rank the quotes based on the initial meeting, professionalism of the quotation, and other project details. Check whether the potential commercial asphalt paving contractors are consistent in their work.

Find out the asphalt mix the contractor intends to use for your project. Keep in mind that low prices do not necessarily equate to quality asphalt paving services. Hire the commercial asphalt paving contractor that checks out according to your criteria.

Verify References

Check for feedback and references of clients who have in the past entrusted them with asphalt paving jobs. Request the commercial asphalt paving contractors to provide you with at least three recommendations for similar projects. Uncover the contractor’s reputation by talking to these customers about the quality of service.

Ask the references if they would recommend you hire the contractor for asphalt paving services. Verifying references will help you weed out dubious commercial asphalt paving service providers. Find out how long the company has been in this particular industry.

Commercial asphalt paving service providers who have been in business for an extended period provide outstanding services. Moreover, they are well knowledgeable on techniques used in asphalt paving. Before signing a contract, conduct thorough research on your preferred commercial asphalt paving contractor.

Insist on a Detailed Written Contract

Once you have selected the best commercial asphalt paving contractor for the job, ask to sign a written contract. Read through the details of the agreement before making any deposit.

The contract should include project specifications, timelines, payment plans, and warranty terms. Having a written document clarifies the client’s expectations and what the company intends to deliver.

Final Thoughts

Experienced commercial asphalt paving contractors can lay quality surfaces that look great and last for years. If you require any asphalt paving services, contact an established commercial asphalt paving company. Their reviews are available online, and their track record is impeccable.

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