4 Common Household Fire Risks and How to Prevent Them

Dehumidifiers (used during cooling season)

Many homeowners have potential fire risks sitting right in their homes that they are unaware of. A lack of knowledge or realization of how electronics work can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Fortunately, with the right amount of knowledge, preparation, and regular inspections, you can reduce the following common household fire risks.

Surge protectors

Today, most homes are equipped with numerous electronics. It is likely that you have numerous TVs, computers, phones, chargers, smart appliances, and even programmable thermostats. The problem with having so many electronics is that they can cause electrical surges, especially because we do not regularly turn off the majority of these devices. Not only are you at risk of ruining all of your expensive electronics, but a big enough surge could also cause a house fire. Surge protectors can reduce the risks of fire and can also protect all of your pricey devices.

Automatic shut offs

Another common household fire risk is devices that do not self shut off. Things like hair tools, irons, stoves, and ovens can eventually cause a fire, if left on for too long. With today?s smart technologies, you don?t have to worry about forgetting to shut off your devices. They are often on self timers that shut off after a specific amount of nonuse time. These smart auto shut off devices can significantly contribute to reducing the risk of fire. The auto shut offs also reduce the amount of electrical use, also reducing utility bills. The average American home spends about 2.7% of their income on energy bills. That is about $2,000 a year.

Regular duct cleanouts

Your air ducts affect the HVAC unit of your house. Eventually, the dust and debris from your household will make its way into the ducts. Not only will this reduce the efficiency and productivity of the HVAC unit, it will also eventually pose a fire risk. Excessive dust can be a huge problem with furnaces. Air duct cleaning services should be scheduled at least once per year. However, more cleanings are needed if the home produces a lot of dust or debris. If any construction type work is completed on the house, the ducts should also be cleaned out professionally immediately following the completion of the project. Heating and cooling accounts for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes. You can reduce this cost with regular professional air vent cleanings.

Dryer vent cleaning company services

Dryers, similar to furnaces can be a fire hazard. Dyers should be cleaned out with every new load, but are often not. Once or twice per year, the dryer should be professionally cleaned by a dryer vent cleaning company. Professional services are needed because they have the tools to get deeper into the dryer vent. Older dryers should be inspected by the dyer vent cleaning company more often. Additionally, dryer vent covers should be regularly changed. When it comes time to purchase a new dryer, consider going with an efficient one. High efficient systems are eligible for rebates from your local utility company, currently up to $400 in some areas, making the unit more affordable.

Household fires tend to cause a lot of damage. Many household fires can be prevented with proper preventative maintenance and resources. Some of the most common household fire risks include power surges, air ducts, furnaces, and dryers. Scheduling regular dryer vent cleaning company services and purchasing items like surge protectors can ensure that you are reducing the overall risk of a house fire.

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