3 Popular Home Improvement Projects for Homeowners

countertopsHomeowners love improving their property and adding to their house as much as they can. Whether it’s major renovations to their landscaping or even the simplest of kitchen or bathroom projects, homeowners will always look for new ways to increase property value.

If you are working in the home renovation business or are selling to homeowners, it’s important to know what trends are becoming more and more popular. If you’re aware of what homeowners are doing, you’ll be able to capitalize on your sales. Here is a list of popular kitchen trends that homeowners are focusing on.

Custom Countertops

Custom quartz countertops are becoming one of the most popular home project additions. Since 2004, quartz countertops sales have increased 60%. Homeowners are sick of staring at the same bland counters and appliances that was there the time they purchased the house. They are looking to improve the look and feel of their kitchens and homes at all times. Staying in contact with quality countertop manufacturers can help provide homeowners with great countertop material.

Kitchen Islands

When people think of improving their kitchen, pretty much the first thing that comes to mind is adding an island. Although islands might take up a little more space, they provide a tremendous amount of extra storage, an area to cook and prepare larger meals, and look amazing. Homeowners can simply add a few stools around the island to create a great seating space in addition to their kitchen table.

Retailing Floors and Walls

Although people love islands and countertop improvements, the majority of homeowners still will not enjoy their kitchen layout if the floor and wall tiles are not as visually appealing. New floor tiles can actually improve the overall quality of the air in the homeowner’s house and can surprisingly lead to health benefits.

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