3 Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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In a modern kitchen design, there’s a lot of aesthetics that goes into it to give the space a neat and harmonious look. Whether you prefer a more contemporary or traditional theme to your kitchen, you can never go wrong with some thoughtful yet inspiring kitchen backsplash ideas. According to a survey by National Association of Home Builders, 69% of the total job requested focused on kitchen remodeling. In fact, estimates show that even a minor kitchen remodeling project has an investment return that averages 82.7%. Perhaps this is the main reason most people are interested in transforming the looks on their cooking spaces.

Previously, kitchen backsplashes were basically used to cover and protect walls from splatters and spills, but nowadays, they are more of beauty element. From different materials such as wood, glass, stone and metal, you are certain to be overwhelmed by limitless kitchen backsplash ideas that fit your style and budget.

Thinking of an ideal kitchen backsplash? There are obvious factors you’ll need to keep such as cabinets colors and designs, kitchen appliances, accessories, and fixtures. Well depending on the features of your kitchen, it is important that you find a backsplash that will not only complement those features but also inspire style and comfort.

Now, maybe you are wondering what are some of best backsplash designs for your specific kitchen need. Well there are no rules in picking a kitchen backsplash. But again, if there is a specific style you are aiming for, then you should thoroughly evaluate your options. Below are 3 kitchen backsplash ideas for your kitchen space’s theme and setting.

Ceramic Tile Backsplash
This is one of the backsplash ideas you may consider for your kitchen. This material has the ability to elevate the look and style of your kitchen surroundings while also guarding your walls against spatters. If you are aiming to add a touch of your personality to your kitchen design, then ceramic tile backsplash should be your favorite option. It also enhances visual appeal through excellent colors, patterns, and designs and this is what most homeowners strive to achieve. What makes this backsplash so popular? Well apart from the protective aspect it gives, it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Besides, there are numerous styles of ceramic kitchen backsplash tile with an array of designs, colors, and shape to choose from.

Glass Tile Backsplash
What would other backsplash ideas interest you if you’ve finally settled for a glass tile? This kitchen backsplash idea is one of the most used by homeowners who are looking to impress their cooking spaces with illuminative style. Just like they are easy to clean, they are also inexpensive compared to some other backsplash options. You may choose to fully or partially cover your kitchen walls but that will depend on your budget and the theme you have in mind. Likewise, you can opt to cover a portion of the wall and still achieve the desired look. Either way, the wall surface area will determine the amount of glass tile you’ll need. One advantage of using this material is that there endless glass tile patterns, designs, and colors that fit you kitchen need. In fact, they can be arranged in different patterns, creating unique design flair and style to your kitchen.

Mosaic Backsplash Ideas
If you are aiming to create an artistic scene in your their kitchen, this is a great option for you. Mosaics are popularly used in both residential and commercial kitchen since they come in an array of options in terms of materials. Generally, a mosaic backsplash feature collection materials arranged together to create one unique style. These materials include wood, stone, pieces of tiles and glazed glass and they come in almost limitless colors and shapes to choose from. Moreover, you can install different mosaic patterns in your kitchen, or decide to have one uniform pattern that runs across your kitchen walls. Either way, shapes and style such as square, round rectangle, and other geometric shapes can still be achieved with this kind backsplash.

Finally, while some backsplash designs appear good on kitchen only, you can find multipurpose kitchen backsplash ideas that can be used in other living spaces around the house for an even more defined look.

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