3 Most important things that you should know about interstate move

Tips on planning an interstate move

An interstate move is any move where you will cross the state border. This means that you may be moving to another state or moving to the same one but will be crossing the border. Moving is already difficult as it is so you should expect that an interstate move is even more difficult. Of course it is also more expensive. However, with the right interstate moving company and by fulfilling your own responsibilities you will have an easier and less expensive move. So to help you with your move, here are three most important things that you should know about an interstate move.

First, it is important to find a reputable interstate moving company. This is really the best way to protect yourself from movers that scam their customers. And this is not uncommon. Many interstate movers have actually scammed their customers by offering very low estimates and then charging them additional fees before or after the move. So, do a lot of research before you hire an interstate mover. Check its Better Business Bureau ratings. Check out movers review sites. Make sure that the interstate moving company is registered and certified to do an interstate move.

Second, it is possible to lower the cost of your interstate move. Your interstate moving company will charge you based on the distance of the move and the weight of your belongings. Thus, the cost of the move basically depends on you. And since you cannot change the distance, you can however change the weight of your belongings. You can for example use Greyhound package services for some of your belongings, the smaller ones. You can also use the postal service for your books and other items that can be sent through mail. You might also want to hold a garage sale before the move and sell some of your old belongings. You can use the money for your move. For the rest of your belongings, you can ask your interstate moving company if they give discounts. Discounts vary from off peak season discounts to senior citizens discounts to other discounts. Moving coupons is also a good way to have more affordable move. However, although your interstate moving company may offer coupons, these can be used only on specific dates so it is best to plan ahead if you want to use coupons.

Third, insurance is very important. Make sure that your interstate moving company has all the right insurance for the move. More importantly, make sure that you know how the insurance works and what is covered. Generally coverage is based on the weight of your belongings. So for example, if the damaged item is not that heavy and yet very expensive, do not expect to get the full value for that property. In fact, it is best to get another coverage for your belongings aside from the one offered by the moving company.

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