3 Hot Trends in Kitchen Appliances

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Whether you’re considering putting your home on the market or simply looking to update your living space, a top priority should be kitchen renovation. Other than bathroom remodels, kitchens are the most worthwhile areas to update based on their average return on investment (ROI). A good kitchen renovation can return up to 93% on the initial investment, meaning almost all the money put into the upgrade can be returned. And even if it isn’t time to sell yet, kitchen remodeling can save you money in the long run on energy costs and repairs. Besides, who doesn’t want to live in a home with a brand new kitchen?

While things like overall aesthetic, countertops, and flooring are all key to a successful kitchen redesign, it’s also important to consider the appliances within the kitchen. After all, these appliances are really the life of the kitchen, the objects that cook, clean, bake, and brew. So if a new kitchen design is on your radar, you might find it helpful to be in the know on some recent trends in new kitchen appliances. Here are three new kitchen appliances making people’s kitchens more stylish and more efficient than ever.

What’s New in New Kitchen Appliances

1) Smart Appliances

We hear the word “smart” thrown around a lot today in the tech world. There are smart TVs, smart cars, and most of us have smartphones in our pockets. Now even kitchen appliances are hopping on the smart bandwagon. “Smart” has basically become shorthand for saying internet connected with memory functions. In the world of new kitchen appliances, this means that they can be controlled remotely via internet or bluetooth, and that they can store specific functions depending on your preferences and past use.

For instance, smart slow cookers are all the rage right now. These cookers can be controlled no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection and the proper app. This makes slow cooking so much easier and safer. You can check on the temperature and other settings at any time, and if you’re running late you can simply turn the cooker off. Other smart kitchen appliances like smart coffee makers and smart ovens work similarly. In addition, some of these smart devices have syncing functionality, meaning if you’re making a large meal with several parts that need different amounts of time in different appliances, you can sync your appliances to allow the meal to be prepared perfectly on time. No more burnt bread or undercooked rice, the timing is set for you.

2) Touch and Hands-Free Faucets

While these types of faucets have been around for a little while now, they’re becoming less of a gimmick and more of a kitchen staple. Traditional faucets are often clunky, inconvenient, and highly wasteful. When your hands are dirty after handling meat or raw vegetables, you don’t want to have to turn the handles with your fingers. Additionally, it’s common to simply leave the faucet running during the cooking process to avoid having to constantly turn it on and off. This can waste gallons of water a day, which isn’t only costly, it’s more burdensome on everyone as water is less available.

Touch and hands-free faucets eliminate all of these problems. Not only will you not have to worry about getting your sink dirtier than necessary, you’ll also save gallons of water. Most of these new faucets turn themselves off when not in use. In other words, water will only come out when you need it.

3) Refrigerators That Do it All

Of all the smart kitchen appliances, smart fridges deserve their own category. Becoming increasingly popular for families, these new refrigerators can do just about anything you could want from a fridge. Some of these features include internal cameras, voice capabilities, entertainment connectivity (such as music and TV streaming), digital memos and calendars, ice dispensaries, and a touch screen to control all of it. Believe it or not, these smart fridges even keep your food nice and fresh, too. Never again will you have to worry about letting food expire or missing a part of your favorite TV show as you run for a snack.

Investing in kitchen renovation
is a sound idea. Be sure to invest in new appliances in addition to investing in the overall kitchen design.

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