What You Need to Do to Prevent Your Hoses from Rupturing

No one likes it when hoses rupture. When they rupture in certain circumstances, they can be very expensive for towns, cities and localities to fix, as waste pick up can be affected leaving residents in the area with a mess. Products from all hose manufacturers can rupture if they are not treated the right way. When hoses rupture, the results […]

DIY ProjectsMake the Phone Call Yourself

Drain repair is one of the least glamorous subjects to approach within the scope of home improvement. However, it is right up there with all the other number one most important things to know about home care. The bottom line is always money. A leaky drain or faucet, especially one that is not obvious, can cost hundreds of dollars in […]

Designing Your Above Ground Tornado Shelter

The weather is one of those things that we simply cannot control. Scientific and research advancements allow us to better predict weather conditions, before they hit our cities. As these predictions increase, the amount of time that we have to prepare also increases, which can be life saving in many situations. It is important to have a plan in preparation […]