American Energy Usage Finally Has A Solution The Efficiency Of Long-Lasting LED Induction Lighting

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    Lighting affects everything we do. That doesn’t always mean it’s efficient.

    We use light to brighten up our homes and help us navigate the roads. We see different forms of lighting depending on the amount of people in a building or how energy-efficient a project needs to be. With the advent of the circuit board light fixture we’re able to enjoy steady 24-hour brightness in several locations, from the parking lot to the hospital. If you’ve wondered whether or not it’s possible to save money, even as you make it, look to the high intensity LED. This resource remains among the most potent additions to today’s lighting market, providing businesses and individuals alike the best of both worlds.

    Save money and keep the environment clean. Here’s how the energy efficient circuit board light fixture works.

    We’ve come quite a ways from lanterns and old-fashioned bulbs. Nikola Tesla demonstrated induction lighting in the late 1890s, paving the way for the circuit bo

    How Old Is the Flooring in Your Home?

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    The list of things that need to be updated at your house is both long and expensive. From replacing the deck to recarpeting the house, you are in the process of deciding the order of your priorities. You also need to replace, or at least restain, all of the cupboards in the kitchen and have the wood floor on the first floor refinished. It is also difficult to think about redoing the kitchen floor and cabinets without thinking about updating the appliances in that space. For years you have been working with a stove top that only has two of four working burners and a refrigerator with an ice maker that does not work. In fact, you have let so many things go that you are now looking at a daunting list of things that really must be taken care of.
    Maintaining a house is never an easy task, and caring for flooring is a major investment of both time and money. From gray bamboo flooring to many of the other new kinds of flooring options, there are a number of products available that requir

    Taking A Look At The Importance Of Your Plumbing System

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    From contaminated object removal to dealing with water damage, your plumbing system can lead to some serious problems in your home if it is not monitored and taken care of as it should be. From water damage to wasted water, the impact of a plumbing leak can be more severe than the typical home owner realizes, but to really understand the severity of such a thing, we must first look towards the massive amounts of water that are being consumed here in the United States. There’s no doubt about it that it’s a truly astronomical amount.

    In fact, the typical family here in the United States will easily use as many as four hundred gallons of water on a daily basis, if not even more than that (depending on the size of the family in question and any number of other factors). Much of this water comes from everyday use, from running the bath – a fully filled bath tub can typically hold more than thirty five gallons of water – to taking a shower to doing the dishes. Even brushing your teeth u

    Is Poor Insulation Overworking Your HVAC System?

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    Keeping your home temperature controlled, not too humid, and not too cold, is essential to not just staying comfortable, but also keeping your home in good shape. HVAC service companies can help you keep your system working effectively, but here are something to look for and consider before calling them.

    Does Your Home Need New Insulation?

    Homes that need new isolation, or are generally under insulated can contribute greatly to energy loss in your home. Having good insulation that is up to par can help keep your home comfortable, your wallet happy, and your HVAC system from working harder than necessary. Here’s what to look for to see if your home has adequate insulation.

    • High Utility Bills. Take a look at your energy bills and see if there are any unexplained peaks that occur. This could mean that the attic insulation has settled and flattened, making it efficient for stopping energy loss.
    • Touch. Are the walls, ceilin

    When to Replace Your Water Heater

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    Water is one of the central resources for today’s society, both for commercial and public use. Car washes, public swimming pools, fountains, plumbing in office buildings, all the way to private use in the home, for familiar uses like showers and baths, flushing the toilet, running sinks, garden hoses, and the washing machine, plus recreational uses like washing a car or filling a private pool. For homeowners, the water heater is critical for most of these functions, and one can ask “When do I need to replace my water heater?” to stay on top of maintenance issues.

    Using Water

    The United States needs plenty of water. In fact, the country raised its water use by 200% between the years 1950 and 2000, and may rise well into the future. Homeowners in particular are voracious users of water, so having efficient plumbing and appliances can save a lot of water per year, while leaks and water-inefficient plumbing can conversely waste a lot of it. Often, an American family of four u

    Planting a Pollinator Garden When the Bees Need It Most

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    There is nothing more refreshing than sitting in your garden and watching the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds make their way through your beautiful array of flowers. Its hard to remember that they are looking for food as the flit from plant to plant. During the early spring and mid to late fall planting seasons food becomes an increasing problem for pollinators. Most gardens are planted with summer flowers that bloom spectacularly throughout those warm months. With some effort you can extend their flowering season into the early fall but soon enough those flowers are replaced by seed heads which provide neither nectar nor pollen (though they do produce food for the birds as they prepare for the cold weather too). Slated to increase by $10 billion by the end of 2018, the home and garden market is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the United States.

    Near the end of summer into the beginning of fall garden centers often stock fall blooming plant and early spring bulbs. These plants are an excellent source of food for pollinating insects that struggle to find food sources when the weather is colder. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need a green thumb to plant for pollinators. These plants are often durable sturdy plants that can withstand a little neglect.

    Fall Blooming Plants

    There are a variety of plants you could put in your backyard that bloom in fall. Some great choices are Sedum Autumn Joy, Zinnias, and Coneflowers. These produce excellent pollen for your insect buddies while providing a beautiful display of color to accent those changing leaves. You local garden centers will have these plants in stock often starting mid August. And, not to be forgotten, is one of the most common fall annuals: Mums. These plants are available just about everywhere and can fill in where ever you need a nice pop of fall color.

    Early Spring Bulbs

    It’s important to remember the pollinators in early spring. Just as they come out of hibernation there are so few flowers available for them to pollinate that every little plant counts. Mid August is also the time to buy bulbs. These bulbs, which you would plant just before the first frost, will remain dormant in your soil until spring has sprung, providing the first flowers of the new year. Your most common spring bulbs are Daffodils, Tulips, and Irises, but for some real excitement you can try planting the fascinatingly beautiful Fritillary. This small delicate flower is either purple of white and can feature the most fascinating snake-scale pattern on it’s soft, tulip-like petals.

    By taking the time to plant these colorful flowers in the fall you can support the pollinators when they need it most in both early spring and late fall.

    Your perfect home may be missing something if you haven’t put up a fence yet

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    Your home is almost perfect. Your windows are up to date, your doors shut and lock, what more does your home need to be that perfect thing that you’ve worked so hard to achieve your entire life? Well, does your home have a wood fence around it to keep peeking and prying eyes from invading your privacy? Or how about to protect that pool of yours from unwanted visitors? What about to maintain a shelter for your pets to roam around inside of without worrying about them running away or chasing stray cars? If any of these problems could possibly pertain to you than perhaps adding a wood fence should be the next major investment that you put into your home.

    Wood fence additions can pull a home together, adding fencing to compliment a home can be a great addition to not only bumping up the value of your home but also of being the envy of your neighborhood. A privacy fence can be put into place without a permit being r

    3 First Steps to a Beautiful Yard

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    If you feel that having a well-maintained yard is important, you are not alone. Wholly 97% of Americans who have a yard agree with you and 83% of all Americans agree that simply having a yard is important. However, maybe you have found yourself questioning where to start when it comes to things like gardening and landscaping. If you want a beautiful garden, but don’t know what to do first, read on for three first steps that will have you bragging about your newly found green thumb in no time.

    Step One: Visit Local Garden Centers and Landscaping Companies
    The best help you can find on any new venture is that of a professional. If you’re feeling lost about where to start, try visiting some places nearby that can offer you advice. For assistance with anything from plant care to landscape design, the employees at these places will be invaluable. There are many garden centers and landscape companies waiting to offer you the help you need.

    Step Two: Decide What Types of Plants You Want
    Roughly 92% of people starting their own gardens choose plants that are native to their region, which can be useful. It will be easier to care for plants that thrive in your local habitat. For example, shade trees like cedar elms and live oaks are native to Texas. However, accommodations can be made for plants that come from other areas if you are open to learning their specific needs. When choosing what to plant, factors such as sun exposure, degree of maintenance, the amount of water needed, and the type of soil you are using are all things to consider. Once again, visiting local businesses that specialize in these areas could be beneficial to choosing the right plants for you.

    Step Three: Choose to Do It Yourself or Hire Help
    If you think you might want to do your gardening on your own, know that it is possible. Roughly 90 million households (about 75% of all US households) chose to take part in do-it-yourself lawn and gardening care last year. If you feel that you have a knack for plant care and a flair for landscape design, then don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. However, if you are unsure of your ability and afraid you might destroy your yard, you can always hire assistance.

    Starting your own garden doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right knowledge and help, you could be on your way to having your own gorgeous yard in no time at all.

    Landscaping is for More than Looking Pretty! Here are the Many Benefits of Landscaping Design

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    Landscaping can sometimes be written off as simply a nice way to enhance the look of a yard or as a hobby for people who love gardening and spending time outdoors. But finding new landscaping design ideas can be beneficial for everyone. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider a backyard remodel.

    • A home with landscaping can have an increased resale value of 14 percent
    • Houses with landscape design spend less time on the market
    • If you spend five percent of the house’s value on landscaping, it’s possible to get an ROI of 150 percent
    • The majority of real estate agents encourage investing in new landscaping ideas because they say that homeowners can get up to a 215 percent return on the investment
    • If you improve your landscaping design, you are more likely to spend time using the space for activities like relaxing or to entertain company
    • Adding trees to you

    Residential Water Damage: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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    According to storm data statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there were 20,237 significant storms that were recorded across the United States in 2016. While that’s a slight increase from the year before at 19,172, it actually represented the highest number in about three years and it was sufficient enough to cause disruption in the asphalt shingle supply chain. In short, powerful storms happen — and they can cause all sorts of serious, damaging, and costly problems for homeowners.

    Perhaps the most common issue following storms of varying severity is water damage. Water damage can be a traumatic experience for anyone and can end up ruining your home’s structure and making a significant dent in your wallet.

    Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to household water damage restoration:


    • What causes water damage? — There are plenty of reasons water damage occurs inside a home, including natural disasters like a hurricane or tornado, sewage leaks, pipe bursts, flash flooding, appliance malfunctions, poor drainage, roofing or foundation leaks, and much more.


    • Is water damage actually dangerous? — Though water damage might not seem all that serious from afar, it truly is — especially when it involves flood water that comes from outside or backed up sewage. Since water issues often contain viruses and bacteria, there can be some terrible health concerns as a result. Additionally, molding can spread throughout the home and cause some serious health issues, as well.


    • How should I handle serious water damage? — First and foremost, you need to act fast. Immediately after identifying any water-related issues inside your home, you should contact water damage restoration professionals. In order to minimize flood damage, mold from spreading, and other serious residential concerns, have experienced water restoration professionals come over as soon as possible.


    Don’t let water-related issues continue to grow inside your home. Make sure your home is fully protected and restored following any significant storm or flood damage. If you want to learn more about residential water damage restoration or work with experienced general contractors, give us a call right away.