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    How Tile Can Help You Transform Your Pool

    Written by Home Improvement on . Posted in Cream glass mosaic tile, Mermaids, Porcelain swimming pool tiles

    If you’re looking for a material for finishing your floor, your patio or even your swimming pool, look no further than tile. Tile has been around for years as a finishing material and offers plenty of benefits to the average homeowner.

    Tile is:

    • Long lasting: Tile has long been coveted as a building material and one of the biggest reasons is because it’s long lasting. Unlike materials such as carpet or laminate, tile, especially glass tile, can last a lifetime if it is installed properly.
    • Healthy: When you’re in your home you want to be able to breathe clean air and not worry about any poisons getting into the air. Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, contribute a lot to poor indoor air quality by showing up in everything from paint to floor material. Fortunately, tile is fired in kilns and give off no VOCs whatsoever.
    • Eco-friendly: Whether you’re looking at waterline tile, flooring tile or mosa