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    Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer With These Bug and Rodent Prevention Tips

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    One of the biggest deterrents to spending quality outdoors is an abundance of bugs and rodents. Even a few pesky bugs can ruin an outdoor experience. If you have an infestation in your backyard, you may never want to go outdoors. This summer, take control of your backyard and finally get rid of those annoying bugs and rodents with these successful tips.

    Maintain your backyard

    Maintaining your backyard is the first step in preventing bugs and rodents from taking over. Most rodents thrive in long grass and overgrown bushes. If you keep up with the maintenance of your backyard, they will not have a place to live. They will be less likely to turn your backyard into a home. Maintaining the backyard also means removing any garbage, soiled wood, or other types of debris. Don?t let wood surfa

    Your Landscaping To-Do List Make Sure to Purchase the Best Tools for the Job

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    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the condition of your front or backyard? Even when you love to garden, chances are that you’ve been busy and unable to spend as much time tending to your lawn, plants, and trees.

    If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you may be tackling your landscaping to increase your house’s curb appeal. You might be aware that well-designed landscaping can raise your home’s value, thus its sale price, too. indicates that your home’s value could be raised as much as 12% when you attend to that landscaping.

    A 2016 survey found that homeowners upgraded their outdoors for their children as well as their pets. This may be 1 of several reasons why you’re planning to attend to that long list of projects. While it may seem ove

    Useful Tips For Pumping Your Septic Tank

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    Taking care of your septic tank can feel like a real chore. You have enough things to focus on during the year without going through the motions of measuring and clearing out all the gunk beneath your house, right? Well, you’ll be glad to know it’s not as difficult or frustrating as it sounds. Millions of Americans have to clean out their septic tank on a regular basis and there are a few tips you can keep in mind when it’s your turn to get down and dirty with your house’s sewer line. Let’s take a look at what you can do to make sure your septic systems are always working to the best of their ability.

    How Much Water Do You Use?

    Don’t start clearing out your septic systems just yet! You need to ask a few questions first so you don’t accidentally waste your time or go overboard. How

    Do You Need a Summer Remodeling Project to Help You with a Difficult Transition?

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    This has been a lonely week.
    Your youngest daughter turned 16 last Saturday and you told your husband that she is acting like a caged bird that has finally been set free. Although long summer days n the past were full of you shopping together and spending time outside by the local pool, the new driver suddenly has other places to go and other people to be with. To make matters worse, this summer your daughter, who just completed her second year in college, decided to stay on campus 12 hours from home. Working in the admissions office, as well as volunteering for the new student three day weekends, this daughter now also has her schedule full of activities away from home. Away from you.
    As you walk up and down the stairs and up and down the hallway to the bedrooms you take your time doing a little cleaning, pu

    Are You Prepared for This Weekend’s Hot Temperatures?

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    Thank goodness we still have the creature comforts to unite us.
    In a time when it seems as if the nation is divided on everything from truth and lies, friend and foe, spy and saint, and leader and loser, at least we can still unite around the week’s high temperatures and the comfort or air conditioning. In a time when the politicians and the public are both strongly divided between the need for more or less government, we need to find a common ground where we can still have a civil conversation. And if you cannot agree with your neighbor, your boss, or your pastor about who is the hero and who is the villain, at least you can complain together about the temperature and the fact that both heating and cooling systems only seem to fail when we need them the most.
    Tis the Season for Staying Insid

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