Why You Should Use ICF Building Materials For All Your Construction Projects

From the ICF wall to the use of insulated concrete building blocks, ICF products are many – and are really quite varied as well, when you give some more thought to it. After all, ICF products have been around for quite some time now, more than a full half of a century. In fact, ICF products actually date back more than 60 years in the past, though the ICF products of today have certainly evolved in a number of different ways. But it was back in the year of 1966 that ICF products like the ICF wall (now so widely used) first came into being. In this year, the Canadian contractor by the name of Werner Gregori was able to create the first foam concrete form, which measured only 16 inches high and spanned a length of around 48 inches.

For one thing, ICF products like the ICF wall or ICF building blocks are quite cost effective. This is a statement that is backed up by a considerable amount of data, to say the very least. One piece of data, for instance, shows that when construction or even just finishing your basement, you can cut down your costs by as much as 40% when you decide to use ICF products like the ICF wall in the place of some of the more traditional construction products – and construction methods – that are out there. After all, construction products for traditional construction endeavors often require a great many steps to be put together and made in any way functional. ICF construction methods to construction ICF building blocks of the typical ICF wall, however, cut the total number of steps down quite dramatically.

You’ll also end up saving money through the use of an ICF wall or other such ICF product not just at the time of the actual construction taking place but well after it as well. In fact, ICF decking provides up to 40% better insulation that the typical and more traditional concrete flooring. Therefore, the better insulation effect will lead to considerably energy savings – savings that will only continue to be compounded as time continues to pass ever onward. Because of this, energy efficiency is certainly a big reason that so many people are becoming interested in various ICF products like that of ICF decking or even just in the ICF wall.

And ICF construction methods will very much stand the test of time, giving just another reason to choose such materials and methods of construction over some of the more traditional and typical ones available. For instance, ICF construction materials and methods are even now recommended in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. After all, this actually makes quite a good deal of sense, as buildings that are made through ICF construction measures are actually able to withstand winds that climb as high as 402 kilometers per hour, which is certainly hugely high indeed. This effectively makes buildings that have been constructed through ICF measures as much as nine times as strong as some of the more traditionally constructed buildings of a similar nature. At the very least, ICF construction allows for buildings to be at least six times as strong – which is still, of course, quite hugely impressive indeed. So if you want your home or even your place of work to stand the test of time and be able to stand up to the worst of nature, constructing it with ICF construction measures can more than pay off at the end of the day.

Ultimately, the reasons to choose things like the ICF wall and other measures of ICF construction are very high indeed, as has been evidenced quite fully by this article. ICF construction measures make a world of difference for both residential construction as well as for the construction of commercial buildings or even public ones as well. Therefore, the popularity of ICF products like the ICF wall and ICF construction methods on the whole is only likely to increase in the years that are ahead of us, likely on a global scale and not just here in the United States.

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